Empty Casket Jewellery

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Empty Casket Jewellery
I have mentioned Empty Casket on my blog once before as I simply love and adore their witchy vibes and everything they range. I have been a long time customer and fan of this little independent online store which specialises in jewellery, but I have also bought homeware and lifestyle treats from them before such as a pack of Tarot cards and storage boxes

Owned by a gorgeous girl named Lucy, Empty Casket is truly a unique online shop and I want to spread the love a bit and tell you more about them

Empty Casket Jewellery
Every order you make, the goods come in a jiffy bag, and inside is then a monochrome striped paper bag with the Empty Casket logo stuck down to secure everything inside the bag. You also get a business card and a cute little thank you postcard with the most adorable illustration of an "American Horror Story: Coven" style witchy woman

Once you open your monochrome paper bag, the goods you have ordered are all in their own Empty Casket branded fabric bags to keep each item safe as well as having something to keep your new treasures in

I order from Empty Casket a lot because they fulfill my witchy/occult/supernatural side and offer some really cute wearable pieces that actually follow trends! When chokers were in, you could find all kinds of witchy chokers for sale. Currently there are a few bolo necklace pieces available because that is so on trend currently and I want them all
Empty Casket Jewellery
These goods were sent to me by Empty Casket themselves, but they are items that I would order myself the next time I made a purchase (which I do every few months as they are constantly changing their range!)

I was sent 2 necklaces, a crystal pendulum, and a ring

The first necklace was their "Witch Necklace" which has the word witch in between 2 crescent moons. Witches respond to the moon and a coven leader is known as 'The Goddess'. The symbol for the Goddess is 2 crescent moons on the outside of a circle, so with that in mind it's totally legit AND cute

The second necklace was their "Ox Skull Necklace" which is a decent sized ox skull on a 24 inch chain. It's the perfect piece for layering. It also fits in with the current cowgirl obsession I have and my bolo necklace obsession. You often see a stereotypical ox kind of skull lying around in a desert surrounded by cactus. I have the tonnes of cactus, I needed the ox skull
Empty Casket Jewellery
I was then sent a "Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Pendulum". Crystal pendulums are used for Pendulum Dowsing which is a method of decision making. Another term is Divine Guidance. If you are intrigued by this, there is more about it all right here. Witches tend to be one with the world, nature, and the universe

The last item, and one I am yet to take off, is their "Sterling Silver Witch Band". I think I have a ring size L. This will fit on a variety of fingers of mine. I currently have it on my middle finger on my right hand. A simple way to explain to people the kind of things I am interested in. I'm a Witch Bitch. Lol

I urge you to check out what else they have on offer. The range is forever growing and changing depending on trends. There are some really nice crystal rings up for grabs that look so vintage also and I have my eye on a few, as well as the bolo necklaces!

Will you be looking at what Empty Casket have to offer?
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Items were gifted to me by Empty Casket, but all views and opinions are my own

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  1. I actually bought that witch ring a few weeks ago! Bloody love it x


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