Envy Pro Style Hero

Monday, 18 July 2016

Envy Pro Style Hero
I am always after hair products that can give me flawless hair with little to no effort at all. I am incredibly lazy with my hair and it is terrible. I don't even really condition it after shampoo. BEAUTY BLOGGER BLASPHEMY! I just tend to wash, brush and go. Some days I'll straighten and spray some Sea Salt in but that's it

I also have really crappy fine, thin, oily, frizzy, wavy, and damaged hair due to bleach. A great and winning combination not. I can always find products for one issue, but it doesn't target all of my problems

Envy Professional recently sent me one of their products, the Style Hero to give it a go and see what I think. I barely use styling products, so let's see what it can do for me and whether it can change my routine

The Style Hero is a multi-tasking style product. It is suitable for ALL hair types (whether your hair be thin, fine, thick, curly, straight etc) and that is a bonus for me considering my hair is all kinds of stuff. It gives best results when you blow dry your hair, but I put a small amount in my damp hair and then just let it air dry
Envy Pro Style Hero

This is the product I have wanted for a while without knowin I needed or wanted it. To let me have amazing hair with minimal effort. I squeeze a couple of pumps into my palm and massage into my scalp and ends of my hair. My hair then feels protected, healthy, glossy, and soft. It conditions my hair throughout the day. I also scrunch it into my hair (like you would scrunch mousse into your hair to curl it back in the day) to give me optimum bed chic/surfer hair. Because of the product being gel like, it doesn't make my hair straw-like like a mousse would, and it doesn't dry my hair out like Sea Salt spray does. I have glossy and healthy looking messy hair!

The Style Hero is a product that includes Keratin Amino Acids to penetrate the hair and retain moisture, silk proteins to help moisturise and condition the hair and keep it glossy, as well as wheat protein to enhance moisture and overall condition of the hair. It's a little hair saviour really whilst also helping improve the overall styling of your hair. I'm thoroughly amazed at this little wonder product and how healthy my hair felt after just one application

It also has a really nice sweet smell to it, so your hair smells gorgeous all day. Can't complain with that at all. Smells nice, feels nice, looks nice, win

It is also your lucky day! Me and Envy Pro are offering you 50% off the Style Hero on Envy Pro's website. Just use the code "Blog50". What an absolute delight!! (Ps, it's only £15 anyway, so 50% off that is an absolute steal for this little beauty) Discount is while promo stocks last

Will you be picking up a Style Hero to try it out?
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Item has been gifted to me but all views and opinions are my own


  1. This sounds like the perfect hair tool I need it for the summer!

  2. I don't use anything on my hair but this sounds interesting for keeping it in tip top condition.


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