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Monday, 11 July 2016

Giovanni Rana
Food Glorious Food. Nothing gets much better than a good old carb filled meal! Boy, do Italians have it spot on. Funny story, but ever since visiting Italy in 2015 I have genuinely found a whole new love and respect for pasta. Those Italians really know how to do a top notch pasta dish. OK, it's not really a funny story... I lied a little bit...

So, when Giovanni Rana asked me if I wanted to review some of their new pasta sauces. ERM HELLO, YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH BECAUSE PASTA IS LIFE

Giovanni Rana
I was not expecting what they did send me though. A really cute branded cool bag with some of their filled pasta, their new pasta sauces, and seasonal veg. Totally adorable and maybe one of the best pieces of blogger mail I have ever received

I had a choice of Succulent Chicken with Rosemary large ravioli or Gorgonzola & Crunchy Mellow Walnut large ravioli as the pasta, and the 2 new sauces which were Parmigiano-Reggiano sauce and Basil Pesto with Pine Nuts & Garlic. All of the items are from Giovanni Rana's Italian Indulgence range

I am not a big fan of cheese, so I slightly panicked at the fact two of the items are cheesy. So I am yet to try them. I am still trying to summon up the courage haha sorry! It is a cheese sauce made with fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano and blended with cream for a full-flavoured sauce that is silky in texture thanks to the added cream
Giovanni Rana
However, I decided to pair the Basil Pesto sauce with the Chicken and Rosemary ravioli (this ravioli has a slight bit of ricotta cheese in. Panic again! However, I hardly noticed it once I had started to consume it). I also used a bit of all the seasonal veg. I had a choice of Butternut Squash, Leeks, Shallots, Garlic and some fresh Basil

I essentially made it all up when it came to cooking it. I looked at the directions on the ravioli and the pasta sauce and this is the quickest meal I have ever made! The ravioli takes all of 4 minutes in boiling water, and the pesto sauce you aren't even meant to cook. So quick and easy

That's when I started to panic and think "OMG what do I do with the veg?!". I am not known for being a great masterchef and knowing what to do with ingredients without some kind of recipe to follow
Giovanni Rana
So yep, I made it ALL up. I cut the butternut squash, the leek, 2 gloves of garlic, and a shallot up into small chunks and decided to flash fry those in a pan for the duration of time that the ravioli takes to boil - all of 4 minutes

I let the ravioli slowly boil away for those 4 minutes and they had puffed up so much within that 4 minutes and they looked like little spaceships. Again, so quick and easy because I literally left them to softly boil away whilst I concentrated on the veg. Why do I not make this for lunch every day?!

With the pesto sauce, you aren't meant to cook it. What I had to do was drain the water away from the pasta, but leave a little bit of it within the pan. Add the drained pasta back into the small amount of water and then add the pesto sauce. I didn't add all of the pesto sauce mind you. I wanted to keep some aside in case the flavour was too strong
Giovanni Rana
It turns out, the pairing of the pasta and the pesto was perfect. I added the veg when I was adding the pesto sauce so I could mix everything together. I dished it up, tried a bit, and thought it needed a little bit more pesto so I added a little dollop on top. I still had half of the sauce left so I decided to keep that for another day in the fridge! The packet is resealable so you can use as much or as little as you want depending on your tastes

I garnised with a little bit of basil et voila! the perfect, quick, easy, tasty lunchtime treat! I still can't believe all of this took me like less than 6 minutes to actually make and put together

I could even do a simple pesto pasta for my next lunch which would just be spaghetti, the left over veg I have and the rest of the pesto pasta sauce. That to me, sounds divine! This sauce is amazing and not overpowering like some pestos can be. It has pine nuts included for a little bit of crunch, but I can taste the garlic as well as the basil which makes pesto. It is perfectly balanced and a real indulgent treat
Giovanni Rana

I now feel like I can make some of the authentic Italian dishes at home! Thank you Giovanni Rana for one of the quickest and tastiest lunchtimes I have had in a long while
I am now a little bit obsessed with pasta again...

Which new sauce would be your go-to? Basil Pesto or Parmigiano-Reggiano?
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Cool bag and food were gifted to me for purpose of review. All views and opinions are my own


  1. For me it would be basil pesto - I can't get enough of pesto! These look lovely!

  2. The finished meal looks delish!! I literally live for pasta it's definitely my fave food. The sauces sound lovely. Xx


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