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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

In all seriousness people, just look at the state of my skin. That isn't even the WORST of it. I currently have 2 massive cysts on my jawline that make me want to cry just thinking about them. These cysts normally then leave me with scarring, not to mention the red patchy skin I have elsewhere on my face and other acne scars

It's a real struggle sometimes and something that can really affect my self esteem. But then just look at my skin on the right hand side. That is actually me! I can look like I have flawless skin! It is all thanks to Skin Camouflage and their concealing kit (exclusive to Ideal World)

I'm going to tell you about how I have created that flawless coverage using Skin Camouflage's concealing kit

The concealing kit comes with absolutely everything pictured above! 3 brushes, a mixing pot, 4 shades of concealer ranging from white to dark flesh tones, a powder puff, a blue solid sponge, a wheel of triangular sponges and some fixing powder. I think that is amazing for a kit that only costs £24.99!
You also get a leaflet of full instructions and an instructional DVD to help guide you in how to master this kit like a full on pro

Not gonna lie, it does seem like a daunting kit but I managed to semi-master it after just a quick read on the instructions. I decided to trial it out on my face as well as on a small tattoo I have on my wrist

Using the palm of my hand I squeezed some of the lightest shade in, added some white as I knew I needed to make this lighter for my face and I attempted to colour match against my jawline. Once I got close to my skin shade I applied it with the small brush to my problem areas and blended out with one of the triangular sponges. Fixed it with the powder puff and plenty of fixing powder, I then let it sit and 'bake' for a while before brushing off the excess powder
You can also mix up your ideal skin shade in the mixing pot provided, or in the palm of your hand and if you make extra you can then keep it in the mixing pot for future use so you don't have to keep re-mixing it up every time you use it

In terms of my tattoo coverage I didn't really cover the tattoo to the best of my ability but in my defence it was my first go and a quick trial on the kit. I also don't ever want to cover my tattoos, but I just wanted to show that it is possible for whomever out there may want to or need to cover them!

I started by applying the white concealing cream to the crescent moon and gently tapping it in to my skin. You are then meant to apply fixing powder but I didn't, oops. With your perfectly matched concealing shade you then apply on top, blend in and again fix with the fixing powder. As my tattoo was black I only needed to apply the white shade, but some coloured and larger tattoos may need a little bit more work. Don't worry as that is what the instructions are there for and can help you with
I can still see a small amount of the tattoo in certain light and I blame the fact I didn't fix the white and let it fully fix and settle before adding the concealer, my bad

I think this is a great kit for me though and for anyone with any scars or acne or even tattoos they wish to cover. For £24.99 also an absolute bargain! You can grab one at Ideal World online if you so wish

Would you give Skin Camouflage a go?
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Item was sent to me by Ideal World. All views and opinions are my own. You also can't argue with those results!

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