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Friday, 22 July 2016

I have already gone on about how my hair is thin right here as well as in some other previous posts of mine. You also should know that I dye my hair as I spoke about getting it coloured within my review of Rush in West Hampstead

Hair dye when fresh makes my hair look thicker and feel thicker. But when all that starts to fade and grow out what the hell do I do?! I end up with mousey brown hair at the roots which makes my hair seem so much thinner and almost look like it is disappearing!

That is where Toppik comes in

Toppik offer a coloured hair thickener for help in hiding thinning hair and areas of scalp, and in hiding roots that are growing out between dye jobs. You can get it in a variety of colours and I opted for it in dark brown. I probably should have gone for the medium brown option in hindsight, but I like dark hair on me. Totes Gothic

You use the coloured hair thickener by spraying in full bursts (please do it this way as lightly spraying the nozzle could cause a blockage. Also shake the can before each use!) onto any problem areas. I sprayed it onto the area where I was experiencing major root drama, which is also where I experience thinning hair and I worry you can see my scalp and that I am getting old and my hair is falling out *oh woe is me*

It is very similar to the Joico Instatints I have spoken about before in that it is effectively a coloured kind of hairspray. You spray, wait for it to dry, and off you go! No more roots showing or scalp peeking through

The waiting for it to dry is an important aspect. Don't do what I did and try and then fluff your hair up after spraying. I ended up with brown fingers. Once dry though it seems fine and you are able to touch your hair with little to no transfer onto them. I had it on overnight also and no transfer was on my light coloured pillows

Easy to brush your hair, no knotting or matting, and easily washed out also with simple water and shampoo!

It does the job it is meant to and also helps mask my hair woes for me to worry about on another day

Would you consider hiding your roots between dye jobs?
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  1. I don't buy the Toppik hair thickener spray because there is no Silver/white and if it's anything like the Couvre, the Grey is too dark. Shame.


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