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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

This year I made a promise to myself to take more baths. Mainly because last year I went through so much trauma and got put onto anti-depressants (another story for another time maybe) and realised that I never take time out for "me" and that soaking in a bath literally makes me feel good for the 40 or so minutes I am soaking for

I started practicing mindfulness and looking into wellness late last year, and a bath helps me with everything and improves my mental health. It literally soaks and melts my sadness away for that evening

The boyfriend knows how much baths mean to me and so bought me a little cute present in the form of these cocktail bath melts from Wild-Olive, but also available on Prezzybox where he bought them from. He bought me these ages ago (like literally 4 months ago) and I am only just getting round to using them now. Terrible considering he bought them as baths are meant to mean a lot to me! Sometimes life just gets in the way of "me" time

He bought these for me as something different to your typical Lush bath bombs (not that there is anything wrong with those. I do love a good Lush bomb) and it's a really cute and quirky gift. I also appreciate a good cocktail so what a great combination for a gift. It's like having a party in my bathtub, just minus the alcohol

They come in a beautifully illustrated box that explains what they are and what is inside. You get one Strawberry Daiquiri bath melt, one Gin and lime bath melt, one mango mojito bath melt and one pina colada bath melt. Maybe next time I have a bath with one of these, I should make up some Funkin Cocktails as they do Strawberry Daiquiri and Pina Colada mixers!

These individual melts are then displayed in an egg box. Makes sense as they fit perfectly within the egg box and it is a sure fire way of keeping them safe from damage

These are some of the cutest little bath products I have ever seen because they look like little individual cocktail inspired ice creams!
The Gin and Lime one even comes with a dried lime wedge displayed within it which really makes me think of back in the day when you used to get a 99 with a flake

So far, I have only used the Strawberry Daiquiri bath melt. I am being rubbish with allocating myself some bath time lately. I need to sort that out

Please note, these are not bath bombs. They will not make your bath pretty colours, or fizz away and be fun to watch. These are bath melts which are different
I popped it into the bath and it fizzes a small amount, but the part that looks like an ice cream swirl starts to soften and you can break it apart with your hands. It literally melts into the bath and makes your water softer and more moisturising. It gave my bath water a slight rose pink hue, but nothing major like a bath bomb
The main thing about these products is how yummy they smell when you first open the egg carton. It is so beautiful and just amazing and really makes me want all of the cocktails! I thoroughly recommend looking these up if you want something different for your bath time

What do you use for your precious bath time?
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