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Monday, 15 August 2016

I recently got to try out Label.M's Thickening Cream which I adored and I now adopt it in my blowdry routine constantly. They then sent me a few other products in the form of this Festival inspired little gift to me and I squealed with delight and happiness when I opened it all up and found the cutest products inside. As a big lover of festivals, I am always needing products to help save my hair during the camping at festivals

I had been sent their Jean Pierre Braganza designed tote bag that you get free when you buy a certain amount of products, a yellow studded hair band, some Brunette dry shampoo and some Texturising Volume Spray

I never used to get on with Dry Shampoo. I used to wash my hair every day and claim that dry shampoo never worked for me, but I have trained my hair recently to be washed every other day. I still can't quite manage every 2-3 days but I will get there slowly. I now love Dry Shampoo on the days I don't wash my hair and of course, it is a MUST for festivals. I have also always loved the texture and the volume you can get from spraying dry shampoo also. This dry shampoo works so well at eliminating the look of grease and oil, and can even make my brunette hair look a little bit darker which I love. I do love dark hair

The texturising volume spray is a new loved product of mine. It gives you the volume and style-ability of a dry shampoo, with the added bonus of the hold of a hairspray. You can spray, backcomb, work in like a dry shampoo, and it will hold that added volume. Great for festival looks where you want a bit of volume, or that texture that dry shampoo gives you when doing some braids. Everything seems to stay in place better when using dry shampoo I find. More so with this product

The hairband is the cutest accessory. I don't normally wear yellow, but it actually compliments my brown and blonde ombre'd hair so well. I place it in my hair and then I backbomb and add some volume to the length of my hair. A cute little addition is pulling some hair out of the band by your ear and either braiding it or twisting it and pinning it to the back of your head. The texture of the volume spray helps keeps pins in place whilst adding volume to the roots. It helps make my thin hair look much thicker and feel much thicker too
I consider this a quick and easy festival look, whilst still looking put together and chic with the added braid/twists and hairband

What is your go to festival hair products?
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Items were gifted to me but all views and opinions are my own

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