Monday, 1 August 2016

Lazypatch Duvet Suit
Have you ever wanted to live the Duvet life? By that I mean the kind of life where you leave the house wrapped up in your duvet so that you are all snuggly and warm all day and you can just watch all the haters pass on by knowing you are safe and warm in a cocoon of eternal duvet-ness

Planet Camping literally sell my dream and I really don't know why we all don't own one. I would like to formally introduce you to your new need in life, your new best friend, the love of your life, the most perfect item in the world, the one and only, Lazypatch duvet suit!
Lazypatch Duvet Suit
Like seriously, imagine your Netflix & Chill game with this on?! Optimum chill here because you are wrapped in a literal duvet but can still walk around the house and not leave the comfort of your duvet, because you are wearing it!! That 'fetching snacks' game never before felt so comfortable and snuggly

When I first saw this duvet suit, I actually thought it was a one-sie kind of outfit but I was so wrong when I took it out of the bag it comes in. It's seperates! Meaning you get a set of trousers and a jacket with a detachable hood
Lazypatch Duvet Suit
To me, this makes the suit even better being seperates. I could decide just to wear the trousers, or the jacket, or wear both to get full comfort! I definitely think that when it comes to Winter and really cold outside in the UK I will be making use of the jacket part heavily. I could walk outside so snuggled inside of a duvet that just wraps around me perfectly. The jacket still has pockets also so it makes it practical and functional, and not just dead warm and snuggly

I believe I ended up ordering a size 2. I am a size 10-12-14 (depending on where I shop) and a 10-12 fits in to their size 1, but I wanted slightly bigger just to make sure and so ordered the 2. The extra room just means extra comfort

I tried this out when glamping (unfortunately in the summer heatwave) so didn't get to use it in full, but I can not wait for Winter until I can wear this basically every day. The bag it comes in can also double up as a pillow case so perfect for any camping/glamping trips you may have coming up
Lazypatch Duvet Suit
The trousers are slightly long for me, but that is because I am only 5 foot tall. I am dead short. But this duvet suit is made so that you can roll up the legs or the arms really easily so that you can still go about your day and have full function of your limbs. I just simply didn't do this for pictures because it was so damn hot when I was trying to photograph this all so I was in a rush to get something good haha
Lazypatch Duvet Suit

I now fully welcome Winter with arms wide open to embrace it whilst I am wearing the snuggliest of suits
I can't wait to waste my evenings Netflix & Chilling away in my duvet suit, and then proceeding to wear the jacket outside if I need to venture outside in the cold that will inevitably happen in the UK. I genuinely think this is an item we all need in our life, that and beds that can be driven around so we never need to leave our beds too

Thank you Planet Camping for introducing me to the most life changing of items

Would you consider a duvet suit for Winter/camping trips?
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Item has been gifted to me, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. And all of the snuggliness is just legit


  1. I think I would live in this and never, ever leave the house!

  2. Haha this is great! I love duvet days and being wrapped up in my duvet so this would be perfect for me, lol! I think I'd need the size 2 too, it looks nice a snuggly! :) Lovely photos, too. xx

  3. This would be fantastic for winter. Love the colour and the fact that they are separates.

  4. Good idea being separates. Nothing worse than trying to extricate yourself out of a onesie!
    It looks very cosy and probably handy if you sleep with a duvet hog!

  5. Hi Kaye,
    Jonathan from lazypatch. Thanks for the blog, you get it perfectly, especially the pants and jacket making it more practical than a Onesie and 4 times warmer - as well as it not being just a fancy dress outfit. Feel free to contact me on patch@lazypatch.com if you ever want more info or interview the creator of the duvet suit. People who say the Suvet is the first Duvet Suit are wrong and hopefully see how impractical it is.

  6. I'm so in! I live this idea! I'm always cold! Uhh it was 2 degrees last night, right now it's about 14 degrees I wish I had this


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