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Monday, 29 August 2016

Liberty Cheesesteak
Once again, blogger Bae Leigh has been an absolute babe and invited me somewhere amazing! We went to the press evening together of brand new Street Food car "Liberty Cheesesteak" which is based in Spitalfields market
An area I consider a foodies delight, and boy is this truck a real delight!

The cheesesteak child of real Philly expats. You know you are in for a genuine treat when Philly expats wanted and needed to bring genuine cheesesteaks to London. You know the food is going to be good, genuine, and like a little piece of America without the long haul flight

Liberty Cheesesteak
I jumped at the chance to go here because I just love America! I don't love their current Trump situ, but I love America as a place and the people and the culture. Not to mention the food. They know how to do food for sure!

When we got to the food cart we were greeted by the workers and the owner and offered a beer or a "Citywide Special". We were told a citywide special is a real must and almost a tradition over in Philly and is simply a shot of bourbon before you drink your beer. As we were there to eat like an authentic Philly person would we both opted for the Citywide Special of course and did our shot before washing it down with some beer. Quite refreshing in the late afternoon sun actually

There were also Cannolis galore to have too. I have never had one of them and decided to save having one until dessert, but I didn't want to leave without having one. The TV programme Cake Boss talks about Cannoli's a lot so it was a must to be in my belly
Liberty Cheesesteak
The truck, when you walk past it has the most amazing smell to it. When we first walked past our mouths salivated straight away at the smell it was giving off. Onions and sizzling meat and buffalo and just general good times

We kept on hanging around just to sniff the place out and we were laughing and joking with the cooks that they must hate their lives being surrounded by such an enticing aroma. I know I would. You can catch the smell it gives off as you walk up to it so I just know I'll never be able to not go here when I am in Spitalfields now. The smell just catches me and then I want it

I also love the fact the truck, and the uniform, is set out like a Phillies uniform. As in the baseball team for Philadelphia. Good job they chose Baseball rather than basing it on the Philadelphia Eagles who are considered a joke amongst the NFL (not as bad as the Cowboys though). Sorry Liberty Cheesesteaks if you support the Eagles. I love ya really even if I am a Pats fan! <3 <3
Liberty CheesesteakI wasn't expecting as much choice in terms of what we could order. I thought it would simply be a Philly Cheesesteak and then wham bam thank you maam!

You can have a whole or a half (Just think about Subway and where they ask if you want a footlong or a half). You can have with onions or without. You can even order their special Buffalo Chicken cheesesteak! I love Buffalo Chicken and so I ordered a half of that, and then a half of a Cheesesteak with Wiz cheese and onions. You also have the choice of fries and again, with or without Wiz cheese

One thing I didn't order and should have, is an ice cream float. I love ice cream floats. Traditionally done with root beer, it is basically ice cream in with your soda. I can not stand root beer so I would have gone for a Coke or a Dr Pepper float
Liberty Cheesesteak
Little back story on me first before I talk about the actual food. I am an avid disliker of cheese. I have never really liked it and always thought it ruined perfectly good food. I will quite happily have cheddar on crackers though, and obviously cheese on a pizza. It's all a bit strange but basically I have been trying to get better and broaden my cheesy horizons. So when Leigh asked if I wanted to go, I was nervous but knew if I didn't go I never would go and try this out. I still can't bring myself to try the likes of Brie or Stilton, but if I can potentially eat orangey Wiz cheese then I can do anything eventually. Baby steps on this cheese adventure

So now you know that I dislike cheese, and melted cheese, and cheese that looks orange. Now it is time to tell you about the food and the fact that I legitimately ate it and loved it! If that isn't a rave review, I don't know what is
Liberty Cheesesteak
Like I said earlier, I ordered half of a Buffalo Chicken and half of the actual cheesesteak. I had the Buffalo Chicken first. I couldn't eat it all! It is so filling and I knew I had to make room for the Cheesesteak

The Buffalo Chicken consisted of breaded chicken in a buffalo sauce. Not that spicy, but beautifully tangy. It also had lettuce, and I think it had mayo in *eek* Mayo is another hate of mine. You just do not need it! Next time I go, I will find out for sure if mayo is in it and remove that damn sauce. I ate around the bits I saw with mayo in. Or it could be sour cream. Either way, no. Please no. However, despite this little fiasco in my mind I enjoyed the hell out of that buffalo chicken and just writing this makes me want it in and around my mouth again. Like I said, I couldn't eat it all as I needed to try out some of the other items too!
Liberty Cheesesteak
So, on to that namesake that is the Philly Cheesesteak. I have never had a philly cheesesteak before so can't compare it to others, but this will now be the one I compare all others too. The bread they use is beautifully soft, the steak is so tender and salty and melts in your mouth and is jam packed with it, and the Wiz cheese gets put in first so actually it isn't that bad for me or overly cheesy. I chose to have onions with mine and it just gives you a next level taste experience

I am literally in love with a sandwich and want so much more again. I just can't get over that steak! You can watch them cook it in front of you also so you know it is damn fresh
Liberty Cheesesteak

The fries are damn good also. Thin and crispy with so much Wiz sauce on. Next time I probably will have them without the cheese sauce, and with only half a cheesesteak rather than a full one. It ended up being so much food and it is so damn filling! But oh so beautiful. If ever you find yourself in Spitalfields please do try this little piece of Philly in London. You will not regret it

Long live the Philly Cheesesteak!

Have you ever eaten a Philly Cheesesteak?
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  1. I was recently invited to try this out! But sadly I'm vegetarian and this is just not my place to go... Glad you enjoyed it though! :D

    Oliver x

  2. Okay so I love Philly Cheesesteaks, and I find it so hard to get one that has no onions in (I hate onions, they make me feel sick!) so this sounds like actual heaven! I also love Buffalo chicken so I might have to try that out too - oh god, I know where I'm gonna go for payday dinner!

    Lottie xx

  3. Good to know you enjoyed it. I have never tried Philly Cheesesteaks before.


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