Nano-b toothbrushes

Monday, 22 August 2016

Nano-b toothbrush
I don't know about you, but I have such anxiety when it comes to my teeth! It all stemmed from an early age when I needed so many teeth out as I had too many for my tiny mouth, when I got bullied for having wonky teeth, when I got bullied for having braces and glasses to fix said wonky teeth! (you just can't win as a kid). I also had braces for so many years, they just kept on extending my treatment. Not to mention, an ex of mine was a dentist and the first thing he said to me was "I can fix that gap in your front teeth you know". I should have known not to go out with a guy who says that as his first line...

I have nightmares about losing my teeth. Just so many woes me and my mouth have. "Are they white enough?" "Should I get them whitened?" "Are they strong enough?" "I wish I could afford Veneers". So anything that comes along promising to help my teeth, I buy into. Like these Nano-b Toothbrushes
Nano-b toothbrush
Nano-B are a brand of toothbrushes aimed to help your teeth woes. There are two different kinds of brush and each one comes in their own travel case to help protect them
I have both kinds because sometimes I just want to use one or the other depending on what my toothy woe is for that day

You have the Nano-B Charcoal and Gold toothbrush and the Nano-B Silver toothbrush. I have both. The pink one is the "silver" one and I have the charcoal & gold one in a clear handled form. So, what are the benefits of these two different brushes?

Let's start with the charcoal and gold brush. This is a brush that combines the antibacterial properties of gold with the natural whitening properties of bamboo charcoal. What Nano-B have done (and hence the name) is used nano-science to break gold and charcoal into nano particles to mix them with the bristles. The gold in the bristles penetrate bacteria and of course, get rid of the little devils within your mouth to aid your mouth's health. The bamboo charcoal is great for your teeth also and it absorbs all kinds of toxins, stains and impurities from your teeth. Something I worry about constantly because I like my coffee and drinks that are meant to stain your teeth
Nano-b toothbrush

Now onto the Silver brush. So if gold and charcoal is anti-bacterial and whitening, what can this other brush do for us?! Well, in bacteria killing, silver is still the champion. So this toothbrush is nano-infused with silver particles to penetrate bacterial cells. This will also then aid any bad breath problems you may have as you are killing off the bacteria in your mouth more effectively and any plaque that may be building up on, or between, your teeth

They also round off their bristles so that you don't hurt your sensitive teeth, or cause bleeding gums if you suffer from these. It is all about aiding and improving your mouth's general health. Something I am constantly concerned with! The toothbrush itself is a medium bristle, so very sturdy to use and they don't hurt me if I am having a sensitive day

Like I said, two different toothbrushes that I use depending on the woes or anxiety I have that day. If I am worried about bad breath I use the silver brush, if I am worried about stains or what I ate I will then use the gold and charcoal one. All in all, for the time being it is helping to settle my toothy anxieties

Would you try one of these toothbrushes?
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