Wednesday, 10 August 2016

I know I can not be the only girl who struggles with heels sometimes. OK. I lie. A girl who struggles with heels all the time

My size 3 feet just can't seem to cope with being slightly elevated. Which sucks because I am only 5 feet tall and I want to appear taller than I am damn it. I don't think it was meant to be. I can only seem to manage a few hours and then my feet are screaming for the ground and a flat surface

I think I have found the answer to my foot and shoe woes though. Rollasole!
Rollasole is a company and a shoe that aims to aid your high heel woes. Too many times after a night out and too high a heel I have ended up taking my shoes off in da club and walking around on sticky floors barefoot (I don't tend to wear socks or tights) which is a situation less than ideal

Same for when I leave the club. It's always the same, leave, go to a kebab shop/24hr McDonalds, home. I end up walking around the middle of town centres barefoot because it hurts less than the torture of the heels. I know a lot of you have the same struggles as me
However, I can now keep my feet safe and protected and comfortable thanks to Rollasole. These are a pair of flat shoes that completely roll up/fold up and actually take up only a small amount of space within a bag. They fit easily into my tiny Michael Kors bag with my purse, phone, and a few necessary makeup items needed for a long night out. Or a wedding where you end up wearing heels all damn day and just can not cope with them anymore. It happens to the best of us babes

They roll up around a black bag and get secured by velcro. The use for the black bag when you roll them up is you then have a bag big enough to carry the heels in that you were wearing! Such a smart idea! I always end up nearly losing my heels as I put them down drunk and then forget what I did with them as I forget they aren't on my feet
RollasoleThey are comfortable enough to even wear as a regular day to day ballet pump also. I'm a size 3, sometimes a size 2 in shoes, oh the shame. But their size Small which covers sizes 3-4 fit me just fine which I was pleasantly surprised about actually. I was thinking they would be too loose and just flip off of me as I walked. That isn't the case and finally I have some cute ballet pumps which fit me properly!

Packing for a weekend away and not sure what shoes to take? These will roll up and fit in to any bag nicely so you always have a choice of a simple ballet pump as a shoe! These can be dressed up and dressed down to suit any style, outfit, and look

They have so many cute styles to choose from for any taste! I think I want a simple black pair next and definitely one of their leopard print pairs. I always used to wear leopard print in some form of another so would be great to go back to my animalistic roots in the form of Rollasole shoes

I currently have their Pink Punk pair, which is a pale pink shoe with gold rounded studs on. Because I am just a little bit punky and it gives my outfit just a little edge. But like I said, I have my eye on those leopard print pair

Do you struggle with heels and constantly dream of flat?!
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