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Friday, 5 August 2016

World Duty Free
Excited about an upcoming holiday? I have about 3 planned for the end of this year so far and every time I go away I just absolutey love checking out what is on offer at the Duty Free bits. I am lucky in that I have Luton, Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted all nearby so depending on where I fly to, I am always sure to find new things to buy at World Duty Free

The best bit? The exclusives! The things you can only get at Duty Free. It's like a treasure trove just awaiting you before you go create some amazing memories abroad
World Duty Free
There are some great bits available exclusively with World Duty Free at the moment and these are just some of the goodies on offer!

There is the exclusive Calvin Klein travel collection for women. Perfectly sized perfumes for any kind of travel. You can take them away in your suitcase for just a weekend away, or keep it in your handbag back home to top up with during the workday. It's also a great way to test out some of the CK perfumes on offer without having to buy the full size bottles!
It is all well and good testing out perfumes in the beauty section, but the scent starts to mingle with other scents around you, and depending on your mood scents will smell differently also. I always think mini World Duty Free sets like this are a perfect way to find a new favourite scent for minimal cost and effort. You can just splash some on, and see how you feel/smell throughout the course of a day or two

Why not pick up the Clarins Pro Eyebrow Kit, for anyone who wants their brows professionally on fleek. I know I do. Brows are such a big thing at the moment and if your brows aren't done, you may as well be sitting around in joggers and a messy bun (which actually FYI, for flying I actually totes recommend anyway. Comfort FTW). It involves everything you may need from tweezers, to a taming brush and an application brush. It also comes with a handy mirror. You also get 3 powders to fill your brows, a holding wax to then seal them in place and a pink shadow to enhance/highlight the eyes/brow
World Duty Free

Lastly, but not least because this is my fave. These Muddle & Mash cocktail mixers! These are great as little treats to have on the plane, or for when you get to your destination. All you need to do is add your poison of choice (vodka or rum, and the bottle itself tells you which spirit would be best within each flavour) in to the bottle itself, shake it up, and there you go. You then have yourself a delicious cocktail to enjoy. There are flavours such as Green Tea Mint Mojito, Strawberry and Elderflower Daiquiri, Passionfruit Pornstar Martini, and Coco Berry Cosmopolitan
I am loving the Passionfruit Pornstar Martini and the Coco Berry Cosmopolitan! What would be your fave do you think?

What would you pick up from World Duty Free? Did you know you can pre-order and collect at your designated airport?
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Items were gifted to me but all views and opinions are my own


  1. those little cocktails are cute! love your blog layout & photos btw!! xo

    1. Thank you so much!! :) That has made my day that comment x


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