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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Calumet Shooting Table
You ever had those moments where you just can not take the perfect flatlay even if your life depended on it? Or a product is proving difficult to light and photograph?
Never fear, for Calumet Photographic has a good budget option to help out with this, and you'd be using equipment that the pros do also!

I introduce you to their desktop shooting table, and the newest item in my ever growing Photographical kit (I have a lot because I'm a freelancing photographer)
Calumet Shooting Table
So, what is a shooting table and why should you use one? Well, when shooting products pros will often use a shooting table which can be large and cumbersome items that fit perfectly into a studio. They don't fit so perfectly into a home though really! This desktop one is much smaller and can be dismantled and re-assembled for each use rather than keeping it built 24/7. Perfect for the small-ish items you may be flat laying or shooting for blog posts

Shooting tables normally use a white perspex which has a curvature to it and this helps create a seamless white background. No joining lines to photoshop out, just seamless white surrounding the product and that way you can shoot from above, or face on with the product depending on how you want the end photo to come out
Calumet Shooting Table
Being a white perspex/plastic also means that any artificial light you shine on to the table will automatically bounce. White reflects light, so just be careful about where you actually place the lights as it can still cause shadows. If you get the placement right though you can bounce the light off the table and create a softer light, minimise shadows and light your product naturally. It can be trial and error sometimes for sure! But that pay off for a natural looking shot is totally worth it

With one of these tables you can break away from the flatlays and actually shoot products in different and interesting ways due to the seamless white nature. You could also lay coloured paper over it if you wish for more interesting backgrounds, it's the curving nature of the table that gives it a seamless look
Calumet Shooting Table
The image above is just a really quick example of something I shot for another blog post using this shooting table. Seamless white and the ability to get a side on shot, rather than a shot from above. The possibilities are endless though when it comes to creating some dead good product imagery!
Calumet Shooting Table
Like I said before, because this is a desktop shooting table it is much smaller than full sized ones and can easily be disassembled and reassembled for each use. The metal frame folds away so that it becomes quite slim and can be kept in a cupboard really easily

I have a box that I keep all of my photographic gear in and this slides right in, and then I place the plastic/perspex alongside it. Because the plastic/perspex is curved I let it just curve over this metal frame but it is still out of the way and tidy. It's hard to explain how I keep it, but essentially it is neatly packed away in a corner and in a box!

I can't wait to start using this for all of my content and to see how my blog photography changes also. Keep your eyes peeled for future imagery!

Would you consider this item for product shots?
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