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Monday, 5 September 2016

Y'all know I love sharing my latest Photogrpahy work with you and these images are possibly some of my favourites and some of my strongest work. And it is completely different from anything I normally shoot! I'm normally photographing fashion and models, never dancers. And never before have I photographed anything so messy

This post is very image heavy, but that is simply because I can not decide on which ones to show you so I have decided to go for them all! I hope you enjoy

These images were taken in an industrial warehouse unit that is being closed down to make flats. It was located just below the studio unit I haunted (until it had to close down)

The 'powder' used, believe it or not is plain flour. Think of all the cakes we could have made instead!

To shoot these images I used LED lights. It is possible to shoot this kind of thing with a flashgun but it makes it a lot harder. Using LED lights is what I am a pro at and it means you can see where the light is falling as well as being able to utilise the continuous shooting that your camera has also

This kind of shoot you want your continuous shooting to be on. You don't want to miss any kind of moment when it comes to the dancer releasing the flour/powder and you don't want to miss the cool shapes it can make (depending on how he/she throws it)

In some images I managed to capture circles that the powder had created around the dancer, some images had heart shapes, some even looked like powdery angel wings
It was fascinating just snapping away and seeing what kind of shapes were created and frozen within my camera

Editing the images was even harder. I had taken between 300-400 images and I really liked a few of them. But I can't show off 200 images! That is just far too many. And also explains why there are so many images within this post. It was just too hard cutting them down to a sensible number

Even after shooting them and looking at the images a day to 2 days later I still struggled to cut them down. I normally like to wait a day or 2 so I look at them with fresh eyes, but still I enjoyed far too many of my own images

What was even worse was then deciding what minor edits to do in Adobe Lightroom. I don't ever retouch. I have a retoucher who works on stuff for me if it is needed
As a female I hate retouching people skinnier and 'flawless' so I avoid it and let others do it. When I 'edit' in Lightroom I normally make minor edits with my exposure and colour management and that is about it really

These images were hard to 'edit' though because there was part of me that thought dark & gritty would suit these images. Dark and gritty images would suit the location we shot in as well as show off the LED silhouette we got around her body

There is another part of me that likes light and airy images though. The white makes the images seem almost angelic and you see more of the dancer, rather than just her silhouette

It was a very tricky edit situation and so I did a selection of 'dark' and 'light' images, depending on the pose and how the overall image looked

I ended with doing a few portraits of Elle, our dancer, after we had run out of flour and it had settled everywhere. These make for some beautiful portraits as she was pulling rather elegant poses due to her classical dance nature, but the flour all over her looks quite monstrous in contrast

I feel like these portraits are something I could enter into the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize. Maybe I should give it a go haha

I hope you enjoyed these images as much as I created them! This was such a fun shoot and it has produced some stunning work (even if I say so myself)
I have had such an amazing reaction to these images and am tempted to do more like this now
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  1. These are stunning images, I can't believe that effect was made with flour!

  2. Wow these photos are amazing. I love how different they look.


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