Osmo Chromaplex

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Osmo Chromaplex
Bleaching your hair to get all kinds of unicorn, mermaid, pastel hair goals is so popular right now. What isn't popular is the damage bleaching can seriously do to your hair. I have bleached my ends twice now and plan to do so more to get them lighter before I go for the ultimate mermaid hair and whilst my hair feels amazing when I leave the hairdressers, a few days after once the treatment I get done wears off my hair starts to feel knotted and straw-like. Hooray for bleach damage *not*

Yes you can try and intensively hair mask it every week, but why not try and repair hair as soon as you apply the bleach? Rather than when the damage is already done

This is what Osmo Chromaplex is for. I have the Introduction kit and it includes 100ml of bond builder, 100ml of bond sealer, 1 measuring device and an instruction booklet on how to use it
The Osmo Chromaplex system helps to provide optimal strength and anti-breakage benefits throughout your hair colour/bleaching process. Bleaching hurts hair most, but just standard hair colouring can damage hair too and I do that on my roots whilst bleaching my ends. I really am putting my hair through a tough time!
Osmo Chromaplex
The bond builder is something you mix in with your hair colour/bleach. It helps protect hair throughout the chemical process which should result in less damage, increased shine as well as vibrant colour. All you do is prepare the bleach or your hair colour as normal, add the recommended amount of bond builder in to the mix and mix it all up again before applying to your hair. I have 100ml of it and you can buy it in a bottle of 500ml, but if you colour your hair every 6 weeks like I do it should last you a while

The bond sealer is then a protective and nurturing treatment that stabilises the strengthened bonds you gain from using the bond builder. The bond sealer is applied after the hair colouring/bleaching to maximise hair strength as it closes the hair shafts. All you do is comb through a small amount from roots to tips, but more can be added if your hair is thick or particularly damaged like mine is. Let it sit for a minimum of 10 minutes and then you rinse thoroughly. This is best used as a second step after using the bond builder as the first step

You can buy this intro kit from a few places online, all you need to do is google it. It is a life saver for my hair currently when I bleach it every 6 weeks and my hair feels nourished for longer. I actually take it into my hairdressers and get him to include this within the mix now. Smart bond technology is becoming more and more popular and more used in salons now too because a lot more people are bleaching their hair to get the ultimate hair colour goals

Have you heard of bond technology? Would you give it a go if you colour your hair?
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