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Monday, 12 September 2016

I am no newbie when it comes to Rush Salons. I regularly go to the one in Watford (every 6 weeks without fail for a freshen up to promote my hair to grow) and have even reviewed the one in West Hampstead

Milton Keynes however, is a newbie to Rush Salons as they have just had one open up in the Midsummer Arcade section of Intu Milton Keynes. I live in Watford but Milton Keynes is only a short drive away and their shopping centre is massive! I couldn't wait to see the new salon in MK as all Rush salons are very modern and regal now

When you first look for Rush in MK it can be a bit tricky to find. It's actually a tiny little shop entrance with some retail stands in, some till points and a glossy black staircase. If you get lost, google maps still works and tells you where to go inside the shopping centre. It's near Debenhams also. Don't worry, it is not just a fancy hallway. You go up the stairs and it opens up into this regal area of matte black, white and all things posh.

2 walls are simply just mirrors, with mirror frames placed around in places for a really cool effect on the wall, you have a sofa section for consultations and waiting, they even have their own bar area where they make up the complimentary drinks they offer to you (like teas, coffees, wine, beer)

As well as areas along the mirrored walls, you then have mirrors and chairs in the middle for stylists to work also so there is plenty of space and plenty of people can have their hair done at the same time

The wash basin room has 4 wash basins in, which I think is plenty enough and as always has mood lighting which is my favourite. I do love it when they dim the lights and then massage a treatment into the hair. It is super relaxing

I had an appointment with Kelly and we sat down and talked about what I want done to my hair and what to do today. I had an Ombre started at West Hampstead and had Watford turn it into a more subtle balayage, but Kelly listened to me about wanting to create mermaid hair eventually (I change my hair goals so often) and decided the best thing to do would actually mean scrunching bleach into the ends of my hair to then make the ends of my hair completely uniform in terms of the colour they were. I was completely down with this as it turns out, my ombre/balayage were so gappy. Some bits were bleached and some untouched and whilst it looked nice in my hair as I always have wavy hair, I never understood why nobody was bleaching the whole of the ends of my hair! She also agreed with me that we needed to take it up higher also

She backcombed my hair and made me look like a wild lion, slapped some bleach on to sections of my hair and then rubbed it in and scrunched it together. Never had I seen such organised chaos in a salon before and I loved it. I felt like we were breaking the rules about how to do an ombred look

Kelly also said we only needed to leave the bleach on for 15-20 minutes. Really love? I am so used to sitting in the salon chair for hours on end. Most of my hair was already bleached so actually it lifted and lightened up quite quickly, and the same happened to the bits that had never been bleached before. We brought it up higher and she explained that next time I come in (and I definitely will be to see Kelly!) she will bleach it into a softer balayage so it blends out into a really light blonde at the bottom before I start playing around with mermaid blues and greens

The cut I always have is just a trim on the ends and my full fringe cut back in quite blunt and above the eyebrows. Very quick and easy, and Kelly was surprised that she didn't need to cut much off of my ends. She thought the bleach would have damaged it and that she'd need to cut off an inch or more of my hair. Must be the treatment and the toner we applied at the wash basin that saved my hair

I had never even considered using a silver shampoo before either until Kelly spoke to me about it. I had never considered it because it is just the ends of my hair, not my whole head. Would it be worth it? I am now on the lookout for silver shampoos to brighten the blonde I already have. Is it bad I am now tempted to bleach my whole hair also??

One thing I can not stand is having my hair straight. It seems stylists I have been too love to blow dry peoples hair straight and I hate it on me. It shows how thin my hair actually is. I like waves, curls, volume. These guys were listening to their clients! Some people were blow drying straight, some people were using curling wands. I had my hair blow dryed with a diffuser before adding in some softer curls with a curling wand for definition and effect and I was all "Hallelujah, I have been listened to! Praise Rush in Milton Keynes"

And I wasn't in there for 3 hours like I have been before in other salons. I feel like I have had a salon revelation and that this is the one for me
I am going back in October for a refresh

You can book in to Milton Keynes right here
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The cut was complimentary and the colour was half price. All views and opinions are my own

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