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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

I took part in a #BloggerBoxShare last year and loved it. Such a cute experience and a wonderful thing to do I believe. I love getting gifts for people and sending them little things in the post to brighten their day. The Blogger Box Share is designed to do just that, brighten another bloggers day

The little child of bloggers Becky of Blogger & The Geek and Ren of Ms Mistry Blogs, they pair you up with another blogger and then you buy and make up a little package for them! My partner was Sarah of Writing Rambling, and this is the box she made up for me

Sarah has done amazingly well! Just look at all the cute little goodies I received. So much! We gave each other a list of items/things we loved to help out when buying items. My list basically mentioned photography, cameras, ghosts and the occult, cactus, food, peanut butter, pizza and on and on. It's hard to just give people bullet points on things you love as once you think of one you can keep going and reel off thousands

When I first opened the box, these cute little prints were waiting for me. LOOK! CACTI! One of my loves! These prints are by Sweet Allure and she has her own Etsy shop for them. So cute! I love the fact Sarah has shopped from other bloggers also within this box. Gives the whole blogger box share a whole new dimension

Everything else was adorably wrapped up so you could tell Sarah had taken time to package this box up and make it special. I loved the use of washi tape to seal it all up. Super duper cute

The items that were wrapped up were an array of wonderful delights. There were some stickers made by Jemma over at Dorkface Blog. She too has her own Etsy shop full of stickers, prints etc. Is there anything this girl doesn't do?! She blogs, runs the Girl Gang, makes beautiful stuff. You go Glen Coco!

I also opened up a load of pin badges all dedicated around food. I think I listed so many food items as things I love and enjoy so it was pretty obvious I love food haha

There was also two cute little home accessories that you can hang up. One was an adorable sugar skull and the other this fantastic unicorn "Weird is a side effect of awesome" wooden hanging plaque. Now this, this just sums up life really doesn't it?! We are all weird and wonderful creatures and that is because we are all awesome in our own way. I love this and am yet to decide where to hang it. I want it to take pride of place somewhere

Lastly was a book on Ghost Stories from Yorkshire. Now this, I can not wait to sink my teeth into! I love ghost stories and local folk lores that places can have. It intrigues me so much that I wouldn't be surprised if I end up running away to Yorkshire to hunt down these stories in real life. I could be a real life ghostbuster

As always, the Blogger Box Share was such a lovely experience and a lot of fun shopping for my partner Sarah as well as receiving a box back from her. I am tempted to do this more often for people and just make up and send them cute little packages. Sarah did so well for me also. I am still so surprised at how much stuff was in that box! and how spot on they were. Thank you Sarah and I hope you enjoyed the experience!

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