Monday, 26 September 2016

I feel like I haven't really been to any blog events for a while now, which is a shame because I LOVE them! *hint hint PR's, I love your events*

But then I got this invite in my inbox and I was so excited. I got invited to go celebrate the fact that Jess Wright from TOWIE is now an ambassador to Kiss Products. Kiss do a huge range of nails and lashes and I jumped at the chance to feel like a girly girl for the evening
The event was held in a penthouse suite at the Soho hotel in Soho (of course. The clue is in the name) and when I turned up the place was already jam packed full of journos and bloggers. Wow! What an amazing turn out considering there was still 4 hours of the event left

I turned up and Jess Wright was just finishing a speech. Gutted I missed what she had to say but it was along the lines of her belief in the brand which is why she is now an ambassador. After her speech we were all free to move about, explore, mingle with each other, as well as mingle with Jess herself
One room housed all of the eyelashes, the other housed imPRESS nails that Kiss also do. In each room you could then get the products put onto yourself

This is what I had been waiting for. I have never ever been able to do my own false eyelashes so I was excited to see what I would look like with them on, but I was also excited to find out the best and easiest tips and tricks on how to actually apply them!

Speaking to a few other bloggers it was so surprising to hear how many of us were false eyelash virgins too! Well, it is safe to say I am now a convert to them and I really do think they make a huge difference to my face when I do wear them
Unfortunately, I do not have the holy grail tip needed to apply false eyelashes perfectly each and every time, but for some reason I can now apply them with ease. I think it is a matter of patience and letting the glue get 'tacky'. So once you have applied the glue, just wait. Be patient. Use a pair of tweezers to hold the lashes if you need to

I had a whole array of lashes I could choose to have applied to me on the night. I had never worn falsies before so I wanted drama and extravagance. I also had no mascara on so I definitely wanted something extreme! I ended up going for Kiss's Blooming Lash in "peony". It was natural looking, but still had the dramatic length and dark colour I wanted without being too overwhelming and heavy for my eye

Like I said, I am now a lash convert and they really help emphasise my eyes
Within the other room was a similar format. Except this time a table was laid out with so many different false nails. There was the imPress range, gel fantasy range, so many to choose from that it was hard to decide on which style to actually go for and have put onto mine!

The imPRESS range stick on via sticky tabs on the backs of the nails, whereas the gel range are using nail glue. You get enough nails in a pack to do your hands and have plenty of spares in case you lose any. You get everything you need within the boxes also so you don't need nail glue or eyelash glue handy as it is all included. Perfection


I think I definitely chose a winner in terms of the nails I opted for in the end! My inner goth is happy with a bit of mermaid-esque sparkles on the nails. They were from the gel fantasy range so stuck on with nail glue and are actually quite long. It took me the evening to get used to typing on my phone haha it was bizarre. But I got used to them with ease and they lasted me a full week before some of them started pinging off and I had to re-glue them. I was really impressed with how long they lasted and I now think these will be a staple in my beauty regime rather than nail polish. It is so much easier than waiting for polish to dry, and then I can have some funky patterns and styles also rather than trying to DIY it myself and failing massively


I had such a great evening at this event and I am genuinely so happy that I have been able to apply false eyelashes since having them done! I now feel like I can truly call myself a woman at the age of 26 haha

All of the items shown can be found in ASDA supermarkets, Boots & Superdrug stores

Would you try stick on nails? Do you wear false eyelashes?
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