Arconic Hairbrush

Friday, 7 October 2016

Arconic Hairbrush
Arconic is a new kind of brush available out there. Created by John Gillespie, the Arconic brush is a curved paddle brush. Yep, you heard that right, it is curved rather than flat!

We all know of paddle brushes, those large brushes we tend to use when blow drying and brushing/detangling long hair but this one is revolutionary and may change how you brush/blow dry your hair
Arconic Hairbrush
The Arconic brush is designed for medium/long hair styles (sorry to all you short haired girls out there!) and is designed to provide the perfect blow dry when at home because let's face it, blow-drying and creating a salon look at home is hella difficult! I know I certainly struggle with it

The fact the brush is curved is meant to help with blow drying large sections of hair and smoothing it over, whilst also giving that much wanted volume and oomph that only salons seem able to achieve. I can't get the hang of blow drying with one of those roller brushes when it is on myself, trying to create volume by wrapping the hair around the roller brush and blow drying down. Nah, it is too much for me to co-ordinate in a mirror! Whereas this brush is a case of brushing through and blow drying as you brush. It is much quicker and easier to get to grips with (I certainly think so anyway)
Watching the video above is easier to understand than my explanations. The handle is also ergonomically designed to help aid using and controlling the hairbrush

It's really not that difficult to get to grips with and certainly makes for easier blow drys at home and gives me some added volume and oomph that is much needed for my thin, fine hair. I normally leave my hair to air dry as it seems to look thicker when I do that, but this brush has revolutionised the way I can blow dry my hair and get my hair ready quicker and retain a voluminous look

Arconic Hairbrush

Would you use this brush? Do you blowdry your hair regularly?
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