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Saturday, 1 October 2016

It's my Mamma's birthday in October, and I always struggle with what to get my mother. I don't know why, I just find it so hard to find something worthy. Only the best for my mamma of course!

Do you all have the same issue?!

I have decided to write up a gift list of some of the stuff I know my mother has loved in the past as inspo for you all. Maybe it'll even give me inspo for this month! She writes the smallest wish lists so it's time for a bit of creativity on my part

A sure winner is always perfume. Once you know their scent preferences (floral, fruity, earthy etc) you can just pick one from there! I sometimes love to go through Perfumes for women, by L'Occitane as they have such an amazing choice for any kind of scent preference. I love introducing my Mother to new scents
Another sure winner is Pandora Jewellery. My mum collects charms like it is going out of fashion. I like to buy her ones that apply to moments and memories. That is kinda the point of them after all I guess!

Mamma KLF loves fresh flowers in the house. I always feel like this is a cheating gift though and an easy way out so I normally buy a gorgeous bunch from a florist as a little second gift to go alongside a main gift. It always brightens up the room as well as her face

I always think gift food is a nice touch. My mum is diabetic, but it's her birthday! I can't NOT treat her to some champagne truffles. I'll sometimes make up a hamper as a main gift of foodie items with a mix of diabetic and non diabetic chocolate, some champers/prosecco, and anything else I deem worthy to go in. Or like the flowers, I'll have some foodie items as a secondary smaller gift to a main gift

What do you get your mother for her birthday?
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