Day Date: Gods Own Junkyard

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Gods Own Junkyard is just one of those places that I NEED to rave about. I have been wanting to go here for such a long time, I don't even remember how I first heard about it

Neon and neon art seems to be having a major revival at the moment, and this place is just absolutely full to the brim of wares for you to explore. It also has a little cafe so you can sit back, relax, and revel in all of the colours surrounding you

Gods Own Junkyard is in Walthamstow. A short walk from Walthamstow central it is based in an industrial estate which also has a gin palace and a micro brewery situated in the same estate. What a great mini day out just hanging around an industrial area

As soon as I started to walk in a huge smile erupted on my face. You are hit smack bang in the face with garish colour, neon, flickering, music, and bright lights everywhere. Say hello to a bit of dazzling Vegas in London. Funny because actually one of the first pieces I saw was the typical Vegas sign we all know and love

Primarily full of neon artwork, and I say artwork because a lot of them are made by artists and are actually available to purchase!,  there are other wares to feast your eyes upon and many a giant disco ball, even a giant glittery stiletto shoe kind of statue

There is so much for your eyes to feast upon that you can spend ages in here just looking at each individual neon piece. They are in front of you, on walls, suspended from the ceiling, on the floor, high up, low down, literally everywhere. This place is full of neon from the top to the bottom literally

The item that is my favourite non neon piece has to be a Louis Vuitton decked out angel with Chanel wings. This is me in my purest angel form, because I am such a snob for designer items and especially Chanel

As well as the 'junkyard' of art, it also offers a cafe where you can sit down and enjoy some food and drink in the warm glow of the neon lights. It even has a little garden if you wanted to enjoy food and drink from outside rather than inside

There are too many pieces that I fell in love with and want in my house. There is a 'Photo Bomb' piece, a 'Bitch' piece, 'Out of the Dark and Into the Light', a good old 'Motel' sign, 'Sex, Drugs & Bacon Rolls', and so many more that I probably didn't notice because there is so much!

I really really want to do a photoshoot in this place because it is just so damn photogenic and unique and I am just too obsessed with neon lights currently

I ended up finally visiting as part of a day date in London. I had been talking about wanting to visit this place for so long that we did this first thing in the morning so we didn't miss it, before heading off into Central London for the rest of our day out

Literally so happy that my date put this place as a priority for me, and he completely fell in love with this place also. A magical and lit up place full of wonders and 'junk'

Gods Own Junkyard really does look like a junkyard also as there is so much going on. Like I said, the neon is a priority but there is so much other bits going on around you and the on floor, on tables etc. I seem to remember a life sized alligator somewhere. Not sure whether it was a taxidermy piece or fake, but entirely awesome when surrounded by neon!

This place excites me so much that I could ramble on about it for ages, but you really do need to see it and experience it for yourselves

Only open to the public Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Get your visit organised and go!

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