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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Joan Collins Ten Effects Skin Treat
I am completely loyal to my Urban Decay De-Slick makeup setting spray, but sometimes something comes along that piques your interest and you just gotta forgo your usual routine and try something new

That is exactly what has happened with the brand new for Autumn Joan Collins Ten Effects Skin Treat and Make-Up Fixer. By the way, yes, THE glamourpuss Joan Collins. That is exactly why I knew I had to try this. She's an icon!

The Ten Effects Skin Treat and Make-Up Fixer is a glorious multi purpose product. Use it before makeup to help skin with all kinds of issues. Using 7 natural ingredients the Skin Treat is to help with rejuvenating, calming and soothing irritation, tightening pores, reducing redness as well as hydrating, moisturising whilst also protecting and revitalising skin. That's a lot of goodness in one bottle!

Use it after makeup and it will help to lock your makeup in place and create a long lasting, smudge free and flawless coverage

You can also spritz it onto your face at any point during the day for a nice refresh and to take advantage of all those amazing skin benefits
Joan Collins Ten Effects Skin Treat
One of the ingredients in this spray is organic rose water, and you can tell. As soon as you spray it on your face you get a really light floral smell which I just love. I love anything rose scented, it is my absolutely favourite and having it on my face is just heavenly

The spray itself is also very light and completely refreshing. It is quick to soak into the skin and I love using it before my regular moisturiser, after doing my makeup, and once again once I have removed all makeup. It's such a great multi purpose product and it is only £20. £2 cheaper than my regular Urban Decay setting spray. I don't see the UD spray treating my skin like this does...
(Soz UD. I love you still so so much! I didn't mean to throw that shade. Your setting spray still works the best)

My skin seems to have improved since using this quite regularly which excites me so much as my skin is normally so bad! I have redness and scarring and dry skin in various places and it is so frustrating. This helps to create an amazing base before I put any moisturiser and primer on

This item is available over on Joan Collins beauty website

Would you treat your skin to this delight?
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