Monday, 10 October 2016

A Very Lush Winter

Lush Winter Range 2016
You know that feeling of having to pinch yourself to see if you are dreaming? That is exactly how I felt when an invite from Lush headed into my email inbox inviting me to a preview of their Winter 2016 range!
I don't know anybody who doesn't love Lush, and to see items before they go on sale? eek! This would be the best event ever. I was due to be in Birmingham that day so I had to make sure I had enough time to head to Lush's Victoria Station store for the preview

Luckily I made it, and ohmygoodness what wonderful treats are in store for Winter!
Lush Winter Range 2016
A large group of us bloggers were all waiting outside the store, drawing in a crowd of passers by wondering what was going on. We were then greeted by the store manager of Lush Victoria station, who was so damn adorable and bubbly and full of life. I was exhausted but she certainly helped bring me back to some kind of life! Said hello to us all, gave us some name tags so we knew each others names and then let us into the store. Obviously, you all know that when walking into a Lush store it revitalises you anyway, and the aromatherapy around the place did me wonders and gave me a second wind for the evening
Lush Winter Range 2016
The staff was introduced to us and we were told the 'stations' they would be looking after and helping us with all evening. To break it down, you had a section dedicated to ALL of the new products for Winter and a staff member to discuss it all with us

There was then a bath bomb making area! EEK! I WAS SO EXCITED! We were also told it would be limited edition in a way as the butterball bath bomb becomes butterbear for Christmas/Winter, so I made my own limited butterball bath bombs

A selfie and snacks area, and finally a facial spa area which looked divine. Unfortunately I had SO much makeup on that I didn't want to take off so I couldn't take advantage of this area. But I was still recommended a face mask that I got to take home with me. "Don't Look At Me" was recommend to me for my acne, dry, dehydrated, yet oily skin and using it once was enough to convert me. Bright blue in colour, but it made my skin so soft and clear after just one 5 minute use!
Lush Winter Range 2016
The butterball workshop was so much fun and my dream! I have always wanted to make my own bath bomb. The mixture was already made up, but it seems to be a mix of vanilla, cocoa butter and another butter, bicarbonate of soda, and a few other secret ingredients. We then put gloves on and got stuck in packing the mixture tightly into moulds, then tightly packing the two half moulds together and leaving it for 24 hours to set before we use it in the bath
Lush Winter Range 2016

Lush Winter Range 2016

Lush Winter Range 2016
What is coming out for Christmas and what do I have my eyes on I hear you say? Obviously bath bombs are a huge thing for me. I hoard so many as the only pamper time I really allow myself is bath time

Christmas is chock full of amazing bath bombs with gorgeous colours that I can't wait to experience! You have the 'Shoot for the Stars' bath bomb which is blue in colour with golden stars decorated on it, the 'Northern Lights' bath bomb I can't wait for either as I love the name and have always wanted to see the Northern Lights. These two bath bombs. as well as 'Intergalactic' will also make up a gift set named 'Northern Lights'. Priced at £14.95 I want all of the Northern Lights gift sets so I can have many Intergalactics, Shoot for the Stars and Northern Lights
Lush Winter Range 2016
Old favourites make a come back in the form of the 'Father Christmas', 'Luxury Lush Pud', 'Star Dust', 'Butterbear' and 'Golden Wonder' bath bombs, but there is so much new-ness also in the form of a 'Mistletoe' bath bomb and 'Never Mind the Ballistics'

So many new bubble bars too which look so cute! 'Ruby Red Slippers' bubble bar is a glittery shoe like out of Wizard of Oz. Christmassy in that it includes clove oil inside, but also I love watching Wizard of Oz round Christmas time

There is also a new bubble bar inspired by Bowie! I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS!! 'Snowie' is a snowman style bubble bar with a lightning flash of red and blue like Ziggy Stardust himself. Too cute

Another one that caught my eye is the 'Santasaurus' re-usable bubble bar. I know Tom Fletcher of McFly has been writing a book called the "Christmasaurus" so I think this would make an amazing gift for any kid who also gets that book! It would make for the cutest pairing ever
Lush Winter Range 2016
Another major newness alert! Every Christmas everybody gets obsessed with 'Snow Fairy'. Snow Fairy will now available as a body conditioner as well as a shower gel! You can now never be too little of a snow fairy and just wrap your body eternally in its scent

There's also a new shower gel named 'Bubbly' which I can't wait to try. Nothing like a bit of bubbly at Christmas after all. Tis the season and all that
Lush Winter Range 2016

Lush Winter Range 2016

Lush Winter Range 2016

There are so many more wonderful products and gift sets available for Winter that I could just go on and on and on, but these are some of the items I can not wait for to hit stores so I can just buy them all for myself. Treat Yo Self after all, and then you can treat others...

I mainly can't wait for the bath bombs, but like I said, I am a bath bomb hoarder!

Have you seen anything you desperately want?
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