#OOTD: Kanye Loves Kanye

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

OOTD: Kanye
Yep. I have decided to do my first ever OOTD post. I don't know why seeing as I have never done it before. I was feeling my look on this day I guess and it gives me a perfect reason to shout about my shirt!

Who wouldn't want to shout about their shirt when they spent £75 on it from the Life of Pablo pop up that happened in Shoreditch earlier this year? It was also the perfect opportunity to shoot some pictures at OnRoundhay festival as the weather was so glorious!
OOTD: Kanye
When me and Leigh got to Roundhay park in Leeds we decided to chill out somewhere and drink the cans of premade G&T we had in our bags as we just knew we'd get stopped by festival security and have to down them there and then, or chuck them which would be even worse

We came across this amazing floral centrepiece within the park and sat down, chatted, drank, and proceeded to glitter our faces up. Festivals are the perfect excuse to put glitter everywhere. The weather was so lovely and I was so in love with my shirt I asked her to take some shots of my outfit for once with the emphasis being on the quote printed on the back of the shirt
OOTD: Kanye
The quote is in one of Kanye's new songs from "The Life of Pablo", but I love the fact he has taken the piss out of himself with it as obviously the quote has existed on the internet long before that song

"I Love You Like Kanye Loves Kanye"

This shirt also features "London" on the front as it was a special made up for his merch pop up that happened in Shoreditch. I have a small piece of Kanye history that I can wear constantly. Yes, it is a Gildan shirt and yes that created such a fuss, but oh boy is it hella comfy. I bought it in the size L just to make sure it did fit as no returns were allowed and I love oversized clothing anyway. Makes everything hella comfy. In hindsight though, damn it was really hot in Leeds and I was wearing a long sleeved shirt...

I styled it up with faux leather leggings for a little bit of a rock edge, and put on my patent DM's just in case the festival ended up to be muddy or dusty. Patent is easier to clean as it can wash right off. I also always wear boots to festivals. Just seems like a shoe that can cope with any weather eventuality
OOTD: Kanye

Shirt: "I love you like Kanye loves Kanye" from Life of Pablo pop up X Faux leather leggings: ASOS X Shoes: Dr. Martens X Lipstick: Wicked by Lime Crime
All photos have been shot by Leigh Travers and edited by me

I'd love to know if you want to see more of this content from me!
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