OnRoundhay festival

Monday, 3 October 2016

OnRoundhay Festival
Well, that's it people. Summer is officially over which also means the UK festival season is pretty much dead now until 2017

My last festival was mid September, up in Leeds at Roundhay park. The weather was as if Summer was still going strong! Yet 4 hours away in my hometown there was a massive storm going on and grey and general miserable-ness. I definitely didn't feel like this would be my last festival of the year

I introduce you to OnRoundhay festival! A brand new family festival held at Roundhay park
OnRoundhay Festival
Blogger bae of mine, Leigh, was the one who invited me to come with her. She's such a babe and invites me to such cool stuff with her. So we decided to have a weekend up in Leeds! Coach tripped it up as it was hella cheap and we stayed in an odd Air BnB where there was one bathroom between 5 rooms and no shower inside of it, just a bathtub which made for awkward hair washing in the morning when we wanted to get ready

I'm not complaining, was just an odd first experience for our first Air BnB. At least it was a comfy bed and definitely cheaper than a hotel
OnRoundhay FestivalOnRoundhay is a new festival and I was pleasantly surprised by it actually. It was sponsored by John Lewis and had bands like Wolf Alice and Primal Scream playing. Now that is some decent music! (even if I hadn't heard of the rest of the lineup on the stage)

John Lewis had a live stage section where you could sit and watch chefs do their thang and learn a thing or two. Opposite the live stage they had set up a masterclass section. I was totally up for this, but it seems drinking kinda made me forget to sign up to one. A little bit gutted actually as I am always keen to learn how to cook, but this is definitely a section that anyone could enjoy

Who doesn't like food after all?
OnRoundhay Festival
Speaking of food, all of the food vendors were organised by Leeds Indie Food, and there were some amazing options and delights to feast upon

My favourite looking place was Piggie Smalls Hotdog Co. The name alone tickles me each time and I really wanted to eat their Chilli Con Kanye dog. There was also the Pizza Bus. I love pizza anyway, and the bus looked hella cute! Me and Leigh visited the Wine and Fizz airstream and got ourselves some beverages. The Churros stand seemed to have a constant queue and I wondered if it was anything to do with that weeks GBBO being the batter week where they had to make churros as their showstopper

Basically, there were so many food options and each of them seemed amazing that I easily could have 6-7 meals in that one day alone. Considering I didn't get to the festival until 4pm this would have been an impressive feat!
OnRoundhay Festival
There were other food options than just the typical hot dogs, pizzas, burgers also (even if the stands aren't your typical greasy spoon kinda stands and they offer the finest street food)

You also had a choice of: Yorkshire Pudding wraps, Mac and Cheese, Golden Balls which from what I could gather were like rice balls/risotto balls, latin from Yakumama, an espresso stall for the finest coffee, you could see Ox Clubs meat being cooked over an open fire, seafood, and pastries and all things sweet treaty from Madeline Express

There was simply everything for everyone's taste and like I said, really easy to want 6-7 meals in one day with the amount of choice there was. Please invite me to more stuff food Leeds Indie Food. You make me so hungry
OnRoundhay Festival

OnRoundhay Festival
There was plenty for kids also! This was designed to be a family festival so not only was there music and plenty of food, but there was also a kids section for fun activities and a story telling stage

We got to this section and were greeted by inflatable clangers (the clangers still exist and are relevant?? I remember watching them in the early 90s!), and then there was a garden section where sports day style activities were happening. Lots of hula hooping, bubble making, and I'm not gonna lie, but some of these kids were SLAYING it in the street style department. It was like meeting the North West of Leeds (I am referring to Kim K's and Kanye's daughter, not the directional reference)

In a marquee there were more crafty activities happening, and kids were playing old retro Sonic the hedgehog on a tiny square TV! HOLY CRAP! HEL-LO CHILDHOOD!

The best activity of the day? If you caught 20 Pokemon around Roundhay and proved it within your Pokemon Go journal, you'd win a prize. What a way to keep the kids busy and active

OnRoundhay, I applaud you!! |(It also showed I am still a big kid as I totally took part)
OnRoundhay Festival

OnRoundhay Festival
Wolf Alice totally killed it! I was basically right by the front. I had pit access also but no point when it was easy to see them and I didn't have to fight through masses of crowds. As the evening went on the crowds did get larger, but that also could be because the kids stage closed at 6.30pm. Or maybe Primal Scream just drew a bigger crowd

Either way, I completely fell in love with Wolf Alice in a different way and I am so glad I got to experience them in an open, but intimate way. I say intimate mainly because I was comfortably at the front and wasn't crushed or in pain. I could swing and dance all I wanted and I felt like I was super close to the stage
OnRoundhay Festival

OnRoundhay Festival

OnRoundhay Festival

OnRoundhay Festival

OnRoundhay Festival

Thank you OnRoundhay for a really fun and great day out! Here's hoping you come back next year and get bigger and better and feed me some more amazing food!

Did you go to any festivals this summer?
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Entry to the festival was free and was provided to us by Leeds Indie Food. All views and opinions are my own. Thanks for having me!

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