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Monday, 31 October 2016

Tarot Reading
This won't be everyone's cup of tea, trust me I know because I have dealt with it most of my life as I am very much into the mystical and the occult and anything a bit 'quirky', but have you ever considered a tarot reading as a gift for someone?

No, I never had either, and I actually quite often read tarot cards myself as a little help to clear my mind on days I may really need some clarity. Nothing beats getting your cards read by somebody else though, especially someone who has been into the craft a lot longer than you and may know more!
I recently had my cards read by Tarot Slut as a unique and quirky Christmas gift idea, and I was so impressed by her work that I actually decided to write this stand alone blog post, rather than put her into a Christmas gift guide

She has done for me a 2 month reading. All she requires is your birth date and a simple question you want to know the answer too. This is best done with open questions. Questions that need a bigger answer than a simple yes or no. I simply asked her "what should I focus on?". I freelance in photography, blog, work full time, so clearly my life is a mess and a jumble and often so busy that I wanted to know what my priority should be

Well, my reading didn't turn out like me or her thought it would. My reading turned into romance rather than career or lifestyle focused. Yep, I should focus on romance. Really very spooky because I have recently started to date someone! And Kerry assumed it would also be lifestyle focused, but she couldn't lie and that the cards were leading to romance and she has to read them as she sees it
Tarot Reading
She lays everything out in the most beautiful PDF file for you. She includes your question as a title, and shows the cards drawn for you. The Ten of Cups is the card that is my priority for right now. The Ten of Cups is the love card. There is then a character introduced in the form of the King of Coins. The challenge I am facing currently is the King of Wands. The Seven Of Cups is the card that will tell me how to overcome that challenge, with the Seven of Wands and the Three of Cups being the overall outcome. After that page of the initial spread, she then writes it all up in amazing detail as to what it all could individually mean and different scenarios it could entail

It really has been the most amazing experience, and actually a really very exciting one! Each scenario she explained out in this PDF applies to me 100% and clearly means wonderful things are on their way for me which excites me so much. I am going to give you a summary of my tarot reading right here (please note, she goes into so much more detail and it really truly is amazing, but this is my summary and what I have taken away from the reading she has given me):

"By Christmas I would have lived this reading through. The Ten of cups is my priority right now and this is the love card. Someone near to me is 'the one', making me feel safe and protected. The glow this gives me will create generosity and better relationships elsewhere. Use relationships and being with the people I love and enjoy as my compass this winter. More detail about this priority is shown in the King of Coins card and this could literally mean my 'suitor', or it could mean that I need to focus on relationships being my priority by adopting practicality and stoicism. I need to stop being so busy, take a deep breath, stay calm, and have the self belief and confidence in that anything I want to do I will achieve without fear or anxiety (this explains my freelance photography and the constant disappointment I feel and constant anxiety about whether I will ever achieve anything. The truth is, I already have and do!)
The obstacle to me adopting these traits is shown in the King of Wands card. It could mean the King of Coins has a contender as a love rival, but I feel it is more the other scenario. It shows the side of my nature that prevents me from 'calming' my life and settling in to one thing at a time. The King of Wands is driven and never satisfied (much like me. I strive for more), which makes him a great entrepreneur but his own worst enemy when it comes to relaxing
How to overcome this is shown by the Seven of Cups, the answer I desire is right under my nose waiting to be recognised and Kerry reckons it is in the form of relationships I have. Until I pick someone/thing to focus on, everything else will be unclear and up in the air. Once I make this choice and focus, the fog will lift. The outcome is then shown by two cards, the three of Cups and seven of Wands. The seven of Wands promises that my confusion and fogginess will end and the three of Cups promises that a massive time of fun and celebration lies ahead"
Like I said, Kerry's reading goes into so much more depth and detail than my summary does and I just can't believe how amazingly accurate it is and how I can so easily apply it to my life!

Since then, I have been making the guy I am dating a priority and it is safe to say I have never been happier and I feel less stressed than when I was trying to juggle all of the things within my life. Tarot isn't meant to mean that you follow it by the book, it is just a bit of guidance from the universe to get you to where you need to be in life. It made me realise I need to prioritise friends and relationships and I have been reaping the rewards in a lot of fun with them and love. And that, is exactly how life should be!

You can find Kerry on facebook and purchase a reading from her on her Etsy page. Readings start at £20+ and I can not recommend her enough if you have something in your life you are unclear about. The guy I have been dating is really into the fact I read tarot, but I am tempted to buy him his own reading as a gift!

*update!!: Since writing this post, MAJOR revelations. I am now in a relationship with the guy I was dating!! OHEMGEEEEEE

Thank you so much Kerry! You are brilliant!
Would you ever get your Tarot cards read?
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