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Monday, 17 October 2016

I live in Watford, but regularly go out in St Albans as that is where all my friends seem to live. We have a bar in St Albans called "The Snug" which does amazing cocktail deals and good food. Well, The Snug has now come to Aylesbury and I had the chance to pop along and review it

I did get lost finding it, but I think that is just because I don't know Aylesbury at all considering I live so close to it

This is also one of two Snug bars to offer pizza. I was definitely excited! Pizza is life after all

When I got there, I had the whole top floor to myself! I could sit wherever I wanted! I chose a nice comfortable booth and started to look at the drinks menu before the food menu. The layout of this bar is that you walk in, you see the bar of course and upstairs is where a lot of the dining tables and chairs are. I think it's great they have seperated the two areas. The view was amazing also and really interesting. From our booth we could look down below to the bar, or look directly opposite and see into the kitchen

All space was wisely used. They kept menus and information up below the kitchen window, and amazing little decoration bits in other areas. It had a really great urban, steampunk-esque vibe with brick walling, broken down old school clocks, neon, and visible vintage looking tiles. I fell in love with the interiors and the design of the place

This is a review, and because of that I was allowed to have 2 courses and some drinks. I'm not going to lie to you about that. I paid extra so that I could have 3 courses because I actually loved the food so damn much! And so I could have extra drinks. I started drinking a lot of Sailor Jerry's and coke, and once I am on that I don't ever want to stop

2 courses, so we went for appetisers and mains. I then had a dessert after but ssssh, more about that later!

There was so much amazing choice that it took us a while to figure out what we actually wanted to eat. After talking to our server, who was really fun and friendly, we opted for the Duck tacos and the Drunken wings to start, followed by the special pizza of the day which was a Jerk Chicken and I opted for the 'Down Mexico Way' pizza

In fact, all of the staff I spoke to in this place was super friendly and fun. I even spoke to one of the cooks down in the bar. I felt like I had known these people all my life and it was such a great atmosphere in this whole place

HIGHLIGHT OF THE MEAL TIME!! These "Drunken Wings" may just be the best damn wings I have ever eaten. Ever. Period.

Chicken wings with chilli and rocket and marinated in a SAILOR JERRY'S RUM GLAZE! HELL FRICKIN YES! This made them so damn special and the taste was like nothing I have ever had before. It was sweet, but spiced, and meaty, and smokey. So damn beautiful. Sailor Jerry's is a spiced rum and it works so well with chicken. This is why I started drinking Sailor Jerry's and coke and couldn't stop. All because of these damn wings and the fact I never wanted them to end

The duck tacos were interesting, and good. Interesting in that I imagined hard shell tacos, and what you get is more like a hoisin duck wrap. So I do honestly think the name should be changed, but you can't actually fault the food

Cubes of duck, with cucumber and spring onion, and a hoisin sauce. What isn't to love about it? I feel like it is a staple in people's diet this kind of wrap. I know I always opt for a hoisin duck wrap in terms of a supermarket meal deal. This had superior quality though because it was fresher, it was warm, and made just today

On to the main event. Did I mention this is one of only two Snug bars that serve pizza? I could even see them make it fresh and stick it in the pizza oven and take it out!

Connor went for the Jerk Chicken special of the day, and I went for the 'Down Mexico Way' pizza which had a bloody mary tomato sauce, chicken, jalapenos, and avocado. Ah yes! Mexico on a pizza. What a win. Jalapenos are a must on pizza for me, so I knew I was going for this pizza regardless. The avocado was fresh and didn't brown, and the pizza itself was divine. The base was thin, but the perfect amount of crisp. For a bar, their food is certainly above my expectations and damn tasty!

I don't actually know what was on Connor's pizza, all I know is his was spicy! I had one bite and I could feel some heat within my face suddenly. It tasted like it had a bbq base to it also rather than a tomato base

After the pizza, we had a bit of break from food as I was seriously debating whether I had a dessert or not. My mind was telling me no, but my heart was telling me yes. And you wanna know why that was? I saw a dessert that mentioned Nutella

Not quite peanut butter to feed my PB addiction, but hazelnutty Nutella is also damn beautiful and you can't say no to it

I ended up ordering the Nutella Twist. Nutella and mascarpone inside of pizza dough. I love pizza, so straight away with the addition of Nutella I knew I needed this dessert in my life

What ruined it for me was the mascarpone :( sorry guys! I'm not really a cheese eater. One side of the twist was perfect in that it was pure nutella and gooey nutella too as the dessert was warm. The other side, the mascarpone was too overpowering for me and not enough nutella to balance it out. Safe to say, I left that side and ate the gooey nutella side. That side was pure love on a wooden board

All in all, I am pleasantly surprised that a bar can also offer such amazing food. Seriously people, you need those drunken wings in your life! Even if you don't like rum, it doesn't taste like it so go on, give them a go for me
It looks like the drunken wings and the nutella twist are only available in this Aylesbury branch too, so come on, let's all rush there together. I think I am just going to become a regular here until they roll out the Drunken Wings to the St Albans bar

Have you ever heard of The Snug?
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