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Monday, 7 November 2016

FYI all, I am British but not really. That sentence kinda makes no sense, but what I mean is I have never once sat down and enjoyed a cup of tea. I consider myself more American. I enjoy coffee, American Sports, Peanut butter far too much. I am not a "high tea and crumpets" Brit at all!
The idea of builders tea repulses me far too much that I just never sit down and drink tea

I was invited recently to a #DFMasterclass with Dragonfly Tea so I went out of curiosity and to see if I would come out of it with a new love of tea and hot drinks in general. SPOILER: I was not disappointed

Dragonfly Tea
This masterclass was held at Waitrose Cookery School near King's Cross station and as soon as I walked in there was so much beauty around. The whole place seemed light and airy even though it was dark outside, and there were flowers and cocktails galore

All cocktails had a tea theme and actually, this is where my new love of tea was starting. I had never ever before considered tea in cocktails. I drink "Long Island Iced Teas" as a cocktail but we all know no tea is actually inside of one. This one did however! I started with an "Oolong Island Iced Tea" which used Dragonfly Tea's "Eastern Beauty Oolong Tea" (I would later on find out that this is a very special and rare tea!)
This became my favourite cocktail of the night

I am also a very AVID fan of a good ol' G&T. However, ever tried a G&Tea? Nope, me either. This was using gin that had been infused with Earl Grey Tea for a week. Such a simple idea and I had never considered it before. It made for a glorious concoction
Dragonfly Tea
This masterclass was to help celebrate 15 years of Dragonfly Tea, as well as introduce us to their new Tea House collection. To celebrate their 15 years they had also made their very own limited edition candle (FYI, the candle smells glorious and it is so amazingly scented. I could smell it through the box it came in and others commented on how beautiful it smells. It is available here)

The Tea House Collection features 10 artisan loose leaf teas and includes some classically known teas such as English Breakfast, Green Tea, Earl Grey Tea, and it goes on to more obscure ones such as Jade Orchid Green Tea and the Eastern Beauty Oolong Tea
Dragonfly Tea
Canapes are always included at events, and these were so adorable. Made by the chefs at the Waitrose Cookery School, each one had tea involved. Again, I had never before considered using tea as an ingredient in cooking! What a splendid idea, and the canapes were so delightful

My favourite was the Jasmine Tea Smoked Duck Tacos. Can't go wrong with a good taco! But knowing the duck was smoked with Jasmine Tea was just amazing. Something that I may have to consider doing at home to give more flavour and depth to dishes

Straight away I can say thank you to Dragonfly Tea for introducing me to using teas in cocktails and cooking. A whole new world for me
Dragonfly Tea

Dragonfly Tea
Then we got the chance to meet Georgia Ginsberg, one of the owners of Dragonfly Tea. She ran us through some of the new collection and a bit of history behind Dragonfly Tea

They are a family run company and completely British company. Georgia is the fifth generation of Tea lovers within the Ginsberg family and the Tea House collection shows her passion, expertise and commitment to authentic, delicious, and often rare teas to the general public. Dragonfly source their ingredients naturally from Asia and they make a point of knowing, trusting and respecting their suppliers. In China they call these relationships 'tea friends' and Dragonfly have many tea friends who trust them, and for this evening we became tea friends with Dragonfly

Such a cute ethos that I can completely get behind
Dragonfly Tea
Another ethos I can completely get behind is their slow tea philosophy. That tea is an experience and not just a convenience to be gulped down. A drink to cherish and saviour that goes with the old age tea values of harmony, mindfulness and wellbeing. We are all too frantic nowadays and so many people I know gulp down a cuppa as just something to drink

No. Let us change that mentality and take time out for us. Let us all take time out for tea, sit back, relax, experience the true taste and cherish it, breathe, and then the stress of our lives will simply melt away. Almost like savasana or meditation but with Dragonfly Tea

This whole experience then transforms the taste and makes for a wholly enjoyable experience
Dragonfly Tea
After Georgia's talk about the company, the new collection, and our questions, it was then time for us to try all of the new collection

However it had a bit of a twist. All of the teas had been brewed and were numbered and it was up to us to try them and guess which tea was which number. *Gulp* no pressure. In fact, ALL of the pressure. I had never had tea really before so I was worried I would get them all wrong and look like some kind of tea fraud

I tasted, I smelt the tea leaves, I took my time. I found some teas I love, some teas not so much. Had a lot of fun and at the end of it I scored 7/10! YES GIRL! Not bad for a non tea drinker!
Dragonfly Tea

Dragonfly Tea
Such a glorious and educational night. You can catch all our tweets on the hashtag #DFMasterclass. My favourite tea is definitely the Eastern Beauty Oolong. Typical of me to go for the rare one eh?!
Also, their green tea is unlike any green tea I have ever had before! IT IS ACTUALLY DRINKABLE AND ENJOYABLE! It isn't bitter and it is smooth, glorious, and obviously so healthy. I fully recommend their Dragon Wellness Green Tea if you are into Green Tea

You can shop their tea online on their website. They have seriously changed my life and you can really taste their passion for tea within a cup

Thank you Dragonfly Tea for a glorious evening, and thank you for being my Tea Friend!

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  1. This tea looks absolutely fabulous and it sounds absolutely delicious! Not only that it looks like you look like you had the most fabulous time at the event & with those tea cocktails, I am entirely envious!
    Love, Amie ❤
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