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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Mark Bowden Hypnotherapy
It's no secret that I get stressed a lot. I work full time, freelance in photography, blog as a hobby, and try to fit in time for a social life and a relationship. It is constant full steam ahead with me and it doesn't help that I suffer from depression and have bouts of anxiety and what I call "mini anxiety episodes" where I get a knotted stomach with the feeling of dread and a difficulty to breathe

Last year I tried to become more mindful and practice mindfulness to aid my wellbeing. Colouring, being calm, meditation, but started to find I don't even make time for a bath anymore or to sit down and colour. I'm just the worst person at making time for myself. So yes, I have now decided to go down the route of hypnotherapy to try and aid my wellbeing and my health. But not the typical hypnotherapy of a spinning wheel or a pendulum and "you are in a deep sleep" kind. It is in the form of Mark Bowden's hypnotherapy downloads
Mark Bowden Hypnotherapy
I opted for the 'Stress Relief' download. Stress is something that affects me greatly and then dehabilitates my whole mental health and it is just all downhill from there. I can get stressed at the smallest of things also. It is such a chronic thing that affects each and every one of us, and it affects us all differently

You can purchase downloads from Mark Bowden's website, or through a mobile app. If you purchase from a PC, you can then recover your purchase on the mobile app also. I used the mobile app seeing as I am always on the go and constantly have my phone on me it made sense to make it accessible to me 24/7. The download consists of 3 items. A brief introduction which I listened to straight away, and then a 'track' for daytime and one for bedtime. I find that I use the bedtime the most. It is the only time I get some down time and a chance to just lose myself to it all

One thing that I can liken these downloads too is Savasana. When you have Savasana after an intense yoga session and feel meditative, calm, light, and full of wonderful feelings. I felt exactly like that after listening to the download just once. The bedtime one is meant to wind you down for a good nights rest, and it certainly does that for me. Gentle background noises, with Mark Bowden's soothing voice over the top is just sublime and I am in a constant Savasana every time I listen to it. His voice flows in time with the soothing background noise, and it doesn't even matter if you don't really listen to what he is saying. Your subconscious will be listening and picking up on it all and the words he is using

After using it for a month, I don't actually feel as stressed as I did before using it. I know because my mini anxiety episodes have lessened and I feel in a general upbeat mood more so nowadays, rather than getting irritable easily. It's easy to find time to listen to it also if you download the mobile app. I listen to the daytime one in the car on my way TO work in the morning. You could listen to it on a commute. The daytime one is meant to energise you for the day ahead, and the bedtime one to wind you down for peaceful rest. I use it every couple of days as a regular piece of therapy for me and that way it will help with stress long term, but you can also use it just on a day you are particularly stressed if you so wanted to

Something so simple, has positively affected my life and I feel like a changed woman free of stress. Well OK, not completely free of stress, but not as riddled as I was!

Would you consider hypnotherapy, or a download such as this?
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  1. Hi there, thank you for such a fantastic review of the stress relief product. I'm so pleased that you found it beneficial and has had a positive affect on your life. If you or your readers have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me through the website
    Just one thing I must bring to your attention is that we strongly advise not to use the recordings whilst driving or performing activities that require concentration due to the intense relaxed state you will experience. Therefore I would suggest the daytime recording would be beneficial when you have time to sit in a chair or lay in a bed during the day time and take half an hour for yourself.
    Thanks again, Mark


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