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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

These images have been a long time coming on here! It has been a while since I showed some of my personal photography work and I personally think these are some really strong portraits. Not wanting to blow my own trumpet of course

I have shot male model Ryan Davies-Hall before, but since that shoot earlier this year he has now joined forces with Lusy Logan (joined forces in that they are in a relationship and work together a lot, because let's be honest, damn they are one good looking couple!)

The chemistry between these two is just insane. They have fun when shooting together, but know how to reel it in and be professional. They ooze sex and lust, but can also tone it down, as well as ramp it up if desired. They work so well together and flow around each others movements and it was amazing to work with two solid professional models

The tattoos on the both of them also add another visual appeal and help give more character to the images

I got to shoot them both together, and then seperately. I had photographed Ryan before so our session was quick as we had worked together and we know how each other operate in a studio. I had never worked with Lusy before and was excited to shoot her seperately as I have such a major girl crush on her! She oozes fire, sex, and evil

I believe the images on the black background are the strongest, compared to the white background, but I thought I would show you those images anyway to see how different they are and to show you the various things I will tend to do on a shoot

What do you think of these new images of mine?
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