Sleek Makeup Rockstars Collection

Monday, 14 November 2016

Sleek Rockstars Collection
Sometimes, an event so perfect comes along that you just can not and will not ever say no. Especially for a collection named "rockstars". Erm, hello, I am all about that female rockstar life. I sometimes wish I was Courtney Love/Shirley Manson/Debbie Harry

Held in BEAT London, this collection launch by Sleek Makeup was not to be missed!

Sleek Rockstars Collection
Invited by and attending with makeup tutorial bae Shivon Johnstone, we had a bit of a fiasco actually turning up to the event! We were meant to get there earlier than we did. Thanks London Midland and public transport. Thanks a lot. But it's OK. We got there in the end

We got to BEAT London and were greeted with neon signs, massive towers of presents wrapped in "Sleek makeup" paper, balloons spelling out Sleek, and then the makeup itself dotted about the main room of the nightclub with a DJ playing some banging choons
Sleek Rockstars Collection
Something I had never seen before was there also. A Sleek vending machine. Now this was a cool piece of machinery. It gives you a unique hashtag to use on Twitter or Instagram. Simply put that into your insta-post or tweet and bam, it vended you out a Sleek goodie! Cutest idea ever
Sleek Rockstars Collection
The actual collection is consisted of 2 'looks'. Hidden Gems and then Diamond In The Rough. Hidden Gems features an eyeshadow palette full of colour and sparkle, whereas Diamond In The Rough is more nude and natural but still packs a sparkle punch

I have currently used the Hidden Gems palette a lot more simply because I am loving playing around with colour at the moment. Diamond in the Rough is too nude for my taste currently, but does have some amazing sparkly gold tones to it

The colours are a bit more muted than you may expect, so if you want them to be as pigmented as they are in the palette you just gotta pack it on more
Sleek Rockstars Collection
The new items I am absolutely adoring are their new Strobing Souffles. I know you all love the Solstice palette for highlighting, but these souffles are next level!

In two colours, Pink Opal and Smoky Quartz, these are a smooth consistency and all I do is dab it on to my cheekbones using my ring finger. The colours are beautiful and work with most skin tones and they leave behind an amazing glow, as well as little flecks of glitter within your highlight. I am actually in love with these. Favourite item in the whole collection. I wear this every damn day now and even my boyfriend notices when I now highlight
Sleek Rockstars Collection
Going with the fact it is a winter collection launch, you then have two new Lip VIP Lipsticks in some amazing autumnal vampy shades. 'Superstar' and 'Scandalous'. Superstar is a deep purple and Scandalous is a little bit deeper than a classic red. Perfect colours for me as I do love to rock a deep, dark lip

The glitter in the eyeshadows, and the glitter in the strobing souffles, I can now see why it is all aptly named after "gems" and "diamonds". Goes with the title "rockstars" too. Coz yanno, don't be fooled by the rocks that I got...

Have you picked up any of the Sleek Makeup Rockstars collection yet?
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