Zhuzh Tan Accelerator

Monday, 21 November 2016

Zhuzh Tan Accelerator
I am one of those people that tend to tan slowly. I also tend to tan more when I am trying not to tan rather than when actively sunbathing. Generally meaning that when I am just walking about and exploring, I will find I tan more than when lying in the sun all day. It's very odd. Sometimes I'll burn also. That perfect shade of lobster red if I am not careful. Sexy

Earlier in the year I decided to book my first ever Winter sun escape and this month saw me jet off to Faro beach in Portugal to escape the UK for a short break. Ideal World armed me with some Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator and I was off to sun, sea, sand, and better climate

Zhuzh Tan AcceleratorZhuzh is a product that is meant to accelerate the rate of your tan. You put it on alongside your regular sun protection. So yanno, don't skimp on that Factor 30 or higher people! LOOK AFTER YOUR SKIN!
Zhuzh will work with the melanin in your skin and can help speed the process of tanning for you, but in a safe way. Put it on before your regular SPF, and then during your sunbathing if you wish. Just don't let yourself burn. In theory this product will speed up the tanning process and mean you can have less time actually tanning and exposing yourself to harmful rays

I was sent the travel size, the full size bottle, and some tan accelerator swipes (these are wipes that you just unwrap and wipe all over the areas you wish to accelerate). The swipes were super easy to use and even easier to carry as it was just like having a cleansing wipe in my bag. I took these along to the beach with me for top ups, and used the spray bottles before I left the apartment

The product itself smells absolutely divine. I smelled gorgeous all day and it didn't leave my skin oily or sticky like sun creams can do. I just sprayed, rubbed in and didn't even need to wash my hands afterwards. It absorbed into my skin perfectly
Zhuzh Tan Accelerator
I tested out the product on my arms, and left my legs just with SPF on. Even though I wore shorts/dresses constantly I am now wondering if I should have tested it out the other way round because my legs so pale in comparison! But hey, it means the products worked! Just look at my arm in comparison to my leg. My arms look super golden compared to a pale, almost red look to my legs. Definitely should have tried to even it out, but I wanted it to be a fair test. The things I do for you guys to test out products haha! And also, it is winter in the UK. Nobody will be seeing my legs as I will be covered in jeans and leggings until further notice

If you struggle to tan, I thoroughly recommend you grab some Zhuzh from Ideal World. Even the travel sized bottle will last you a long while as a little spray can actually stretch across my whole arm. I didn't need to spray much product on at all to be covered
The smell alone it leaves on your skin is worth it

I can't wait to take this product to another sunny area for a lot longer than 4 days. Imagine the results once I can use it a lot more

Would you consider a tan accelerator? Do you like having tanned skin?
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