Chi Kitchen Christmas Menu

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Chi Kitchen Christmas Menu
I am no stranger to Chi Kitchen. I have been twice already this year and you can read all about it here and also here. This is now a 3rd time, which is saying something because I don't actually live in Birmingham. It's nice to sometimes get away and go somewhere else for a change! Especially as this time it is for their Christmas menu
Birmingham is also well known for its christmas market so it seemed perfect to get me into the festive spirit. Christmas market and a christmas meal with a twist trip with my bestie. Couldn't think of a better way to get festive

Chi Kitchen Christmas Menu
This is definitely a 'Christmas with a twist' meal as Chi Kitchen is Asian fusion food. A little bit east meets west and definitely not your typical Christmas roast. I embrace and enjoy the different so I was looking forward to this

This is a Christmas set menu with the choice between 3 different starters, 3 different mains, 2 desserts, and 2 side dishes. They have some amazing dishes on offer so it may be a bit tricky to decide but in reality any combo of dishes is a sure fire win!

Starters you have a choice of Chilli Prawns with a chilli lime sauce, turkey spring rolls, or sweet potato with a mixed berry mayonnaise (v)
Chi Kitchen Christmas Menu
The sweet potato was deep fried in batter and looked like battered sweet potato fries. A simple but incredibly tasty veggie option. Anything deep fried is just pure bliss to me

Unfortunately, on my visit they had run out of turkey for the spring rolls so I was made prawn spring rolls instead. A shame because I was really looking to turkey spring rolls and this definitely would have been my starter of choice! I mean turkey is the epitome of Christmas after all

The final starter was simply divine (says a non fish eating person!). Deep fried chilli prawns with walnuts, spring onions, and a chilli lime sauce. Well, this was simply too good to describe. Like I mentioned earlier anything deep fried is pure bliss to me anyway, but the flavour in this was astounding and the chilli was just enough of a kick to feel it but not enough to ruin the taste or the overall experience of the dish. The walnuts within the dish were amazingly seasoned and again, the chilli wasn't overwhelming but you could certainly feel it. The chilli lime sauce looked weird because it was green and thin but never judge a book by its cover. Tangy but spicy, the two complimented each other so well and balanced out your palette. It's hard to describe how harmonious it was within my mouth
Chi Kitchen Christmas Menu
The mains dishes are a choice between: Turkey Insal (grilled turkey in a kalamansi sauce), Salmon Teriyaki, Vegetable Nyonya Curry (v)

My first choice would again be the turkey option because it wouldn't be Christmas without turkey. This was delightful and was grilled turkey breast in a kalamansi sauce underneath a bed of chillis, onions, spring onions, and mint leaves. Kalamansi is a fruit notably used in the Philippines and when combined with soy sauce makes a marinade/dipping sauce. It wasn't too dissimilar from teriyaki but you could taste a difference and when mixed with mint leaves it certainly refreshed your palette and provided a zing to counteract the chilli's found. Western Christmas meat meets eastern flavours and I loved it

I am not a fish eating person at all but by golly I tried the salmon teriyaki for the greater good and just for you guys so I could tell you all about it. Well, my bestie Danni loved it and she is a mass sea food eater so if you love salmon already you will hella love this dish. I loved the teriyaki aspect and I could appreciate that the meat was cooked too perfection, but it still tastes too fishy for me which I can not stand. I tried it though so you can't fault me for that! The only reason I didn't like it is that my tongue just does not like fish unfortunately. I did eat the teriyaki glazed salad the salmon was resting on however as I do love a good teriyaki glaze/sauce
Chi Kitchen Christmas Menu
The vegetable Nyonya curry was the best of the bunch in my opinion! And yanno, the bunch was already very good as I did also love the Turkey dish. This was an amazing veggie curry with fresh veg such as broccoli, peppers, aubergine, tomato, and the flavour was just a typical curry kind of flavouring until you get a kick of chilli at the back of your throat. Oh hey chilli, I didn't notice you there at first
It wasn't so spicy that you couldn't enjoy it or eat it, it was just a pleasant kick to remind you this is food with eastern influences and they certainly know how to season a dish with chilli! 10/10 would recommend

Sides: Egg Fried Rice with Snow peas (v), Salt and Pepper Chips (v)

Whichever main dish you order it doesn't really matter which side dish you order. They work with all of the mains available. I mean chips and curry sauce is just perfection but rice also works because that is just a no brainer with curry
Chi Kitchen Christmas Menu
Desserts: Walnut chocolate brownie, apple gyoza with vanilla ice cream

Much like the turkey spring rolls they had no apple gyoza available for us to try which is a shame, but my dessert of choice would have been the walnut chocolate brownie anyway. I imagine the apple gyoza to be little fried dumplings of appley goodness and much like mini mini apple pie dumplings

The walnut chocolate brownie had amazing chunks of walnut at the top of brownie and it was still warm. Warm brownie is the best! Sitting in a pool of clotted cream and custard with blood orange flavouring and vanilla ice cream, it was a complete taste sensation and the blood orange really helped to make it one of the best brownies I have ever eaten. It's a popular dessert choice in UK restaurants, but that blood orange really excelled it onto another level. Decorated with swirls of chocolate sauce and large wafers of chocolate amongst the ice cream it was a feast for the eyes and for the stomach
Chi Kitchen Christmas Menu

I have come to expect from Chi Kitchen beautiful presentation of the food also. It can not be faulted and the food really is as delicious as they make it look. It is a complete visual and tasting culinary experience when dining here

Chi Kitchen can be found inside Debenhams within the Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham, or inside Debehans on Oxford Street in London

Make sure to check out their Christmas menu when doing your Christmas shopping in Birmingham and London!
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Meal was complimentary and their full set menu. All views and opinions are my own

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