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Monday, 5 December 2016

Crazy Color Lavender
One thing you probably don't know about me is that I change my hair a lot. I get bored easily. I decide I want long, lustrous locks. I get bored and get a pixie cut. I decide a pixie cut isn't doing it for me any more and I decide to grow it out. I get a full fringe, I grow it out, I get a side fringe, I get a full fringe, I grow it out etc etc

I have had red hair, I have had deep purple/brown hair, I have had black, I have had blues and purples and reds and ombres and all sorts going on with my hair. I currently have a bleached (but a bit yellowy/brassy) ombre and the rest of my hair is just growing out. Crazy Color asked me if I wanted to consider going lavender. I have never done softer, pastelly shades before so I leapt at the chance. I was getting bored of my hair so it was time for a change anyway!

Crazy Color Lavender
I was sent a bottle of their semi-permanent Lavender colour creme, and their new rainbow care shampoo specifically designed for purple shades (you can get a shampoo designed for different colours!)
It is meant to last 6-9 washes roughly, which on my hair means it probably won't last too long as I have to wash my hair every other day. I know people who can wash their hair once a week so yanno, that is actually 6-9 weeks worth of colour right there! All it means is I'll have to re-do it more, or I have more scope for colour as I can change quicker

The application process is dead easy so it's no real issue at all if I have to re-do mine every other week or something
Crazy Color Lavender
I am so used to applying dye to dry hair, but this one you apply to towel dry hair. So not quite dry, but not quite soaking wet hair
You then leave it in for 15-30 minutes. I always leave dye in for the longest time possible so I left it on for 30 minutes before stepping back in the shower to wash it out
Crazy Color Lavender
Lavender is quite a pastelly shade and my hair wasn't that white blonde to begin with, it had only been bleached twice after all, but the results on my hair were actually quite nice. It was subtle and soft and created some nice tones mixed in with the brown of the rest of my hair

In certain lights you could see some really nice lavender shades and I actually really fell in love with the subtlety of it. I am so used to "IN YER FACE" vibrant colour that this was something completely different for me

If my hair was even lighter and whiter to begin with then this shade would definitely have been more vibrant and more distinguished from the rest of my hair. For now though, I am happy with this subtle effect that I will keep re-doing when it needs to be done
Crazy Color Lavender

The shampoo makes my hair feel super soft and nourished also, which is always a bonus. When colouring hair you need optimum care to keep your hair from being ruined! I have coloured my hair since I was 16 so I am always after stuff that will prevent any further damage from the chemicals that can be found in dyes. It has definitely helped in slowing the fade of the lavender also which again, is definitely what you want when using semi permanent dyes

I can't wait to make my ombre even lighter and whiter so I can really test out this product and get some proper pastel hair going on! I'm already happy with the results of it right now so it can only get better!

Do you colour your hair?
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