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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Mango Tree Christmas MenuMango Tree is a thai restaurant in Fitzrovia in London. It's not far from Victoria station and I have also read up that it is JK Rowling's favourite Thai food place in London. That little piece of info alone got me super excited for a visit here. I would be dining in JK Rowling's faaave

My boyfriend has been to Thailand twice and so loves thai food so of course I said a big resounding YES to reviewing their Christmas menu. Both of us were hella excited to be heading to central to dine somewhere new together. It also coincided well with the fact we had been together a whole month and we wanted to celebrate like soppy new couples do
Mango Tree Christmas MenuWhen we first got to Mango Tree after taking an Uber there from the Strand, we were welcomed into the bar area and had a member of the bar team personally come over and ask what we would like to drink, or if he could recommend us something

I had no idea what kind of cocktail to even go for, so I asked for his recommendation on soda based cocktails but then opted for a Long Island Iced Tea anyway haha so well done there Kaye, should have just ordered one! The bar tender warned it would be strong and ohmygoodness it was the strongest Long Island Iced Tea I had ever had

We were also given some complimentary Thai spiced nuts whilst in the bar, and constantly had staff ask if we we were OK, wanted anything more, and if we wanted to keep our coats in the cloakroom. I have never felt so looked after in all my life and it exuded luxury. I had read up in reviews that their hospitality was just the best and I was already experiencing it before even getting to the table
Mango Tree Christmas Menu
Now on to the food itself and the menu. Mango Tree's Christmas menu is running from the 14th November until Christmas Eve. You have plenty of time to come and experience it! The Christmas menu is a choice of 2 set menus, a meat one or a vegetarian one

We opted for the meat one and a really nice white wine to compliment it. We were recommended the wine by our waiter who said it compliments the spice within thai food. It had a really refreshing taste of Mango to it yet was a wine that was made in France. Simply divine. A stellar recommendation from the amazing and hospitable waiting staff!

The set menu features a lot of food and it is very East meets West which I love! I love fusing cultures together for food purposes. The set menu is £48 per person for a minimum of 2 people, or £38 per person for a minimum of 4 people. I don't think that is bad at all for the amount of food you do get and the actual quality of it
Mango Tree Christmas Menu
The starters were served all on a slate together and the dishes were: Por Pia Gai Nguang (smoked turkey breast spring rolls), See Krong Gae Yang Nam Peung (slow-cooked lamb marinated in thai spicy honey sauce), Goong Tod Samunprai (deep fried prawns with garlic, chilli and spring onions), and finally Hoy Shell Ob Noey - Kratiem (grilled king scallop with butter and garlic sauce)

I'm not an overly fishy person so I didn't eat the scallops unfortunately. I tried a tiny bit but too fishy for me. I did however, try the prawns and these were amazing considering I do not do seafood! There was an amazing chilli flavour to them, but it wasn't spicy and didn't ruin your tastebuds for the rest of the food. There was also a sweet chilli dip on the slate which I dipped a few of the prawns into for an enhancement of flavour. Absolutely amazing considering I am not into seafood at all

Lamb, I had eaten lamb once before and decided it wasn't for me. That I didn't like it. I now think it was just the way my mother cooked it because this again, was delightful! You could tell it was slow-cooked because it just melted in the mouth and broke away so easily from the bone. The taste was an amazing sweet and sticky taste with a bit of thai spice to it. I had never ever thought I would find myself eating lamb, but I loved this so much

I love spring rolls, I mean who doesn't?!, so a turkey one was always going to be good and certainly made me feel East meets West Christmas Vibes. It also helped that Michael Buble was playing loads as we were tucking into our food. Uber Christmassy vibes
Mango Tree Christmas Menu
Next, on to the main event! 5 dishes for the main and these were: Panang Nuer (beef brisket with rich panang curry sauce), Gai Nguang Pad Nor - Mai Farang (stir-fried turkey breast with sprouts and parsnips in garlic sauce), Pla Salmon Hor Bai Tong (salmon fillet with fresh kachai, garlic, coriander, and thai herbs wrapped in a banana leaf), Pad Ka Pow Ped (duck breast in chilli basil sauce), and finally Pad Thai Jay (thai rice noodles with chinese chives, crushed peanuts, in a homemade sauce)

We also had some rice included too which the waiting staff dished out for us on to our plate and left it on the table for us with our many dishes

Once again, East meets West Christmassy vibes in the form of the smoked turkey breast with seasonal veg in a Thai garlic sauce. I have always known Christmas turkey to be dry but this was so soft, melted in the mouth, had a real great smokey flavour, mixed in with the garlic sauce and all the veg you'd expect with a Christmas dinner (think parsnips, sprouts, baby corn). An amazing fusion of Christmas meeting Thai food and it was splendid. I'd actually prefer this over a Christmas roast any day

The Pad Thai Jay was another firm favourite of mine. Peanutty rice noodles with beansprouts. I feel like this is just a classic dish that everybody loves in some form of another anyway. The noodles were super soft and cut easily and were amazingly flavourful for such a simple dish. No meat in, but I feel this is an accompaniment dish to have with a mixture of the others if you weren't into rice
Mango Tree Christmas MenuAbsolute firm favourite of them all though? The Pad Ka Pow Ped. The stir-fried duck in a chilli basil sauce with peppers and onions. This was simply divine and my absolute favourite dish. I would have had this all to myself and all night long quite easily
It's not often I have actual duck breast as I am too used to having shredded duck pancakes, and this was sublime. So flavourful and tender. Not a single piece of meat all meal was tough or chewy. Everything was cooked so beautifully and was really a pleasure to eat
The chilli basil sauce was quite a sticky based sauce and it had the most amazing flavour. It wasn't spicy like the word chilli would have you believe. Without the spice element I think chillis actually have an amazing taste to them and this was an embodiment of that sweet kick they can have. It went perfectly with the rice and I would have been happy with just that one dish as my main meal

The staff all throughout our time at Mango Tree were amazing and truly the most hospitable I have ever come across. Never was my wine glass empty, or my water glass. They were constantly topping it up for us even if it was just missing a tiny sip from the glass. They cleaned the table after every course, offered hot towels before dessert and were truly attentive. They made it look so effortless also and they even folded my boyfriend's napkin up when he left it on the table to go to the bathroom. Little things like this I have never come across before and I truly felt like I was in a completely luxurious place with staff that actually cared for you and wanted you to have the best time ever. Absolute five star service, well done Mango Tree
Mango Tree Christmas Menu
Dessert was a mango mousse with chocolate crumble and dusted with green tea matcha powder. Not going to lie, I ate both of these. Connor doesn't ever eat as much as me because I'm the fatter of these two and I completely fell in love with this dessert. The chocolate crumble at the bottom was reminiscent of a cheesecake base made with oreo cookies. The mousse was so soft and light and really quite refreshing after all the savoury food. It cleansed my palette as well as being a delight to eat and full of chocolatey mango flavour

10/10 would recommend Mango Tree in Fitzrovia and me and the BF will be coming back when we have another reason to celebrate. We enjoyed it so much there and the interiors and the atmosphere were just beautiful. It's the perfect place for a Christmas date night, or a different take on a Christmas meal with family

Do you like Thai food? What do you think to their take on a Christmas menu?
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