Rush Salons come to Holborn

Monday, 19 December 2016

Rush Salon, Holborn
I am no stranger to a good Rush Salon (as you can tell from my visit to Milton Keynes, West Hampstead, and the House of Rush)
I also am a regular customer to my local salon in Watford and have been for many years. I can definitely say that Rush Salons are my go to salon!

2016 has been a great year for them as they have opened many new franchises. The latest being one in Holborn within central London
Rush Salon, Holborn
Located a short walk from Holborn underground station, the new Rush in Holborn is conveniently nestled into an area that is convenient and easy to get to as well as being surrounded by other retail outlets so that it isn't out of place

I had a chance to visit it on its day of opening! How exciting. I had only just had a haircut the week beforehand though which is just typically my luck so I booked in for a blowdry (treat yo self!) and a fringe trim just to neaten up some stray hairs I had noticed

Georgia was my stylist for the blow dry and she introduced herself, and then took me up some windy staircase in the salon (I feel sorry for the staff having to go up and down that. Spiral staircases always take me forever to cope with!) where even more hair stations were situated. A great use of space in my opinion as there were about 5 stations downstairs by the reception but when you go upstairs there are even more. For a small building they were really utilising space and have managed to create a salon that can have a lot of appointments happening at any one time
Rush Salon, Holborn
She sat me down at a station and we spoke about how I normally style my hair and what I want to achieve with the blowdry. I normally leave my hair to air dry so it is always my natural not-quite-straight-and-not-quite-wavy hair. I like to call it bed head chic. But compared to what I looked like after the blowdry I had definitely gone from shabby-and-appalling to glam-and-super sleek chic

I never ever wear my hair straight, and Georgia listened to this. She washed my hair and massaged my head which is the best part of any Rush salon experience, and then after much gossiping she got to work and blow dried my hair with volume to boost it seeing as my hair is quite fine and thin. She then added in a few curls with some tongs before trimming my full fringe to blunt perfection and getting rid of stray hairs that were longer than the rest of the fringe. I'm not going to lie, my hair was gorgeous! I felt sexy and ready for the evening even though I had no makeup on and no plans and was just going back home on the train to my boyfriend's house haha he appreciated it though!

I do love Rush salons. I always feel like I am being pampered in such luxury. Helps that this Holborn branch has a massive chandelier which always screams "FANCY AND LUXURY" out to me

If you are quick, you can also book in at Holborn with 50% off!

Blowdry and fringe trim were complimentary. All views and opinions are my own

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