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Friday, 9 December 2016

Snapfish Personalised Gifts
Struggle with what to get that certain someone for Christmas? I always do. It's a tough one because I am quite a giving person anyway and love buying presents for people. I just can't help it. When Christmas rolls around I then struggle because I am all "oh I bought that for so-and-so just because already"

You know what is the absolute best though? Personalised gifts! It really shows somebody has thought about you and they care deeply. Snapfish enable you to make amazing personalised gifts with absolute ease. They can be great little stocking fillers also!

A great little stocking filler is this round photo ornament. I have made one of my favourite photo of me and my boyfriend for him to put on his tree. It works well as a christmas gift, as a just because gift, or a 12 days of Christmas gift (if you do that kinda thing like I sometimes do). You can even personalise it with text if you wanted to, but I love the photo so much that I wanted it just plain and simple. It is made from acrylic and the lights even shine through the ornament which make it look so cute amongst the Christmas tree
Snapfish Personalised Gifts
I always tend to receive a calendar for Christmas from my parents. Anybody else or is that just me?
Being a photographer, it makes sense to make a calendar for my boyfriend of my favourite photographs I have taken! He always loves my photography work and pushes me to work hard and do more and supports me completely in what I do. So again, as a small little gift I decided to make him a desk calendar using my photography work. I have also personalised this calendar with text and 'stickers' that Snapfish have available to advertise when certain things are happening each month
So October has pumpkins for halloween, but also an american football sticker as that is when the NFL tends to come to the UK! There is also then stickers relating to holidays we have planned, such as Orlando in August. Just little ways to help personalise this calendar even more rather than just with my photos

It is so much fun creating these gifts also! Just upload the photos you want to use, and then you go from there using Snapfish's own templates through their website. The calendar was so much fun to create and I totally got into the creative zone doing it. It was so much fun looking at the options they have for it also to make it more 'you' and personalised to your personality, lifestyle, and style.

I chose the acrylic round ornament and the desk calendar but there are so many other items you can create! Such as larger calendars, mugs, phone cases, cushions. It is completely up to you and your style and who you are creating the gift for of course

Thank you Snapfish for having these amazing gift options! They really are so adorable and I can't wait to see what my boyfriend thinks of them

What do you all think of them?!
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Credit was given to create these gifts. All views and opinions are my own

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