Tuesday, 20 December 2016

SugarSin Prosecco Gummies
*Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea Klaxon*

I know I am cutting it just a little bit fine with this Christmas gift idea recommendation but this may be just the sweetest one ever and you will not regret it
Great as stocking fillers, or even as amazing party food for your Christmas day buffet. Or if that way inclined like me, it is perfect as a treat for every single day because I am all about that 'Treat Yo Self' mentality. Perfect for your sister, your mum. your BFF, anyone who is into alcohol or cocktails, anyone into sweets, anyone into quirky items, just absolutely anyone. If it is too late to get any for Christmas, consider them for New Year's shindigs!

SugarSin is a company that should be making it's way into your stockings for a loved one. The company that made Prosecco Gummy bears a thing now have a shop in Covent Garden so you can easily stop in before Christmas this week if you are around
SugarSin Prosecco Gummies
You may have seen SugarSin already in department stores. Like I mentioned, they are the company that made Prosecco gummy bears a thing and you could find them in the gift food sections of places like John Lewis, Selfridges, Fenwicks. You can even find them in Whole Foods!

This is because they are gluten free and only use natural colours and flavours. No nasty chemicals here and are fit for all you coeliacs out there. They are also alcohol free despite being based off of alcoholic drinks and using real Italian prosecco

I was sent their cocktail selection which is a 3 pack and feature a bag of their Prosecco Gummies, Fizzy Prosecco Gummies and Cuba Libre Gummies which are spiced rum & coke flavour gummies. Some of my favourite drinks in food form. (They do also do other sweets/gummies and not just alcohol inspired gummies. It's just that yanno, alcohol is pretty damn good and these gummies are like haribo for adults)
SugarSin Prosecco Gummies
Love Cola bottle sweets? You will love the Cuba Libre sweets. They are softer and easier to chew than cola bottle sweets I have eaten and I definitely think the flavour is stronger and better than any others

The Prosecco gummies are perfect for any wine/fizz lover! My personal favourites are the fizzy prosecco gummies as it helps give you a whole prosecco experience. You get an amazing flavour reminiscent of prosecco with the sharp fizz that goes along with drinking prosecco. I can almost feel the bubbles on my tongue when I eat these. I also think they have a stronger prosecco taste but it could be because my brain is associating the whole fizz experience with prosecco and so the taste appears stronger than me. Tasting is believing and these really are a great treat for anyone. Even teenagers can enjoy them because they have no actual alcohol within them

You can now find SugarSin in a glorious store full of colour and sweeties in Covent Garden at 1 Russell Street, WC2B 5JD
Will they see you there?
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