Supercuts in Stevenage

Monday, 12 December 2016

Supercuts Stevenage

I went along recently to Supercuts new salon in Stevenage that had just opened to experience it for myself. My hair cut is simple. It is a case of trimming the ends to get rid of split ends, and re-cutting my full fringe in. Not the most exciting haircut for them to try out haha

I also had an appointment booked in for me! Again, not what Supercuts is about as they are a walk in salon but I managed to speak to the stylist about this and understand a bit more about this walk in salon system
Supercuts Stevenage
(in the photos, please excuse my harsh ombre. I have been working with another salon to lighten it before blending it into a balayage)

The Supercuts in Stevenage can be found in Stevenage's main shopping centre which is called Westgate shopping centre. Inside it looks completely modern, white, fresh, and full of all kinds of products you can buy to take away after your service

Supercuts is a non appointment salon. This is super bizarre to me because I am so used to making appointments for my hair, but actually I totally get it after speaking to my stylist! It can make life so much easier as you just walk in, no appointment needed, and it can be on your time and when you are free. So many times I have had to move hair appointments due to freelance work or something popping up within my life. I don't have this problem occur if it is a walk in salon. If you want a colour service you do have to have a skin test prior to actually having any colour service done to your hair so best to pop in 48 hours before you want anything done

I sat down with my stylist and we discussed my hair. What I have it cut like, where I have my parting, and she explained to me that I'd need a lot more off my ends than I thought because of so much breakage to my hair from my bleaching. She was right though, there was a lot of breakage and I can't believe I let my hair get that bad. We also discussed having a treatment done to my hair and then talked about how I like to style my hair
Supercuts Stevenage

We went for a treatment that is both moisturising and protecting for hair, so my hair was washed and conditioned and then the treatment was applied and left in
My stylist was super friendly, chatty, and knowledgeable at every step of the way and I admired what she knew about hair and that she was able to explain to me the science behind the hair treatment also
The treatment did wonders for my hair and it felt so soft and was so manageable for days afterwards

She then cut off all my breakage and kept my cut blunt and all one length like I requested. I then let her blow dry my hair however she wanted, so she blow dryed it straight with a bit of volume. After blow drying is when she cut my full fringe back in and exactly to the length I wanted. I actually couldn't have asked for a better stylist or a better experience to be honest!

I have no images of my full fringe cut back in simply because at the time I was suffering from cystic acne so did not like photos of my face at all. Major low self esteem because of it
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Haircut and treatment was complimentary. All views and opinions are my own
This review is a little bit awkward in a way because the opportunity was booked in before LBQ blog posted this piece on the company. But my experience has been completely positive with no faults at all

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