My 2017 in a nutshell

Friday, 22 December 2017

Another year is drawing to an end and another year full of ups and downs, various achievements and whatnot. It's kind of amazing to reflect back near the end of a year at what you did achieve and go through to fill you with hope and strength for the new year to come. Life is never easy and simple but hey, we made it. We survived another year and we all achieved something no matter how large or small

I am never one to really reflect on what I did achieve. I'm more of a pessimist and I tend to focus on the negatives that happened in a year. But no. This time I am going to write about the positives that did happen to me and I want you all to do the same

She's Electric // Electric Ink skincare

Friday, 15 December 2017

Electric Ink skincare
It is no secret I have a lot of tattoos. I got 4 in the space of one month recently and I share it all over my social media for you to have a look
Want to know what I hate about new tattoos though? They make your other ones, older ones, look rubbish! New ones are vibrant and fresh and stay that way for a good few months before they start to dull down like your older ones. I don't really have any colour on me so it isn't as bad but black & grey tattoos can dull down too

This is where Electric Ink skincare can help!

The Roaccutane Diaries

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Well it has finally happened! After years of struggling with cystic acne and being on constant antibiotics and bugging the GP, I finally got a referral to a dermatologist on the NHS. I had to then wait 18 weeks for the actual appointment to come around but it happened, I have been prescribed roaccutane!

Dairy free chocolate?!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Raw Halo Chocolate
I don't really enjoy dairy. I don't drink milk and I don't tend to have cereal. I hate butter and refuse to eat it in sandwiches. I only eat cheese on a pizza and I only have milk in milk chocolate and ice cream. It's a weird habit to have seeing as I am not lactose intolerant. I just don't like those components when they aren't included in things. I hate the smell and taste of milk and the same with cheese really

But hold on, I can get milk chocolate without the milk?! "hello, I would like to order all of your milk-less milk chocolate please"
Say hello to Raw Halo. Raw, organic, refined sugar and dairy free chocolate

The Botanist, Farnham

Friday, 10 November 2017

The Botanist, Farnham
I'm going to let you all in on a secret. I am a complete hipster. I love cocktail bars and especially ones that have a theme running throughout and that have taken the effort with what they serve you

I went to an event at the Trading House in London and found out that there are chains similar to this one across the UK. The people who own the Trading House also own a chain called The Botanist and after looking it up I knew just straight away that I had to visit one and try it all for myself! The cocktail menu alone and the botany theme throughout it just peaked my interest and my love for cute cocktails and well thought out menus

Spec-tacular // David Clulow Opticians

Monday, 14 August 2017

David Clulow Opticians
I bet y'all didn't know I am meant to wear glasses 24/7. To be honest, it is something I forget. I go for an eye test and I get glasses and then I fall out of love with them easily and stop enjoying wearing them. I also completely neglect my eyesight, which I really shouldn't do considering I need it for my job after all. I am always quick to make a GP appointment for ailments, but I never regularly check my eyesight and make sure everything is A-OK and nothing bad is happening behind the scenes

Stag and Raven

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Stag and Raven
I am kind of covered in tattoos. You may not know this seeing as most of my tattoos can actually be easily covered up as I started getting them when within a 'professional' environment but you can see some of them in this blog post I have written before
Due to this I am heavily into the tattoo industry as well as tattoo artists. The level of skill their drawing involves and to then be able to ink into someones skin just amazes me every time. Not to mention the amount of creativity it takes to think of their own designs, but also to bring peoples ideas to life into something that is still true to themselves as an artist

Drink Cranes

Monday, 7 August 2017

Cranes Cranberry Cider
I will never lie to you on this blog of mine, and I won't begin to now. Cranes drinks first caught my eye because I am thirsty AF due to my singledom and their profile picture on Twitter is one to eye up for sure. You'll see what I mean now if you go and look
But the thirst works on so many levels due to the fact they are a drinks company also founded by two rather good looking twin brothers. That photo alone sells it to me and also a cranberry cider?! The intrigue is too real because I always thought cider was apple based and then you just add other fruit for different flavourings

But nope, this is a cranberry based drink which is also available in different flavour options

#BohoBeachParty with Umberto Giannini

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Beach by Umberto Giannini
I am lucky to be blessed with beachy kind of waves as my natural hair. I used to despise them and they used to be a bit more ringletty back in my teenage days when I wanted poker straight Avril Lavigne hair, but I realised poker straight hair makes my hair look even thinner and wispy so I decided to embrace my natural hair and just enjoy it

The older I got the more I fell in love with my natural boho beachy vibes and my messy chic bedhead kind of hair that I leave to just air dry and go. But I never bother with any product for it to maybe enhance or improve the condition of my hair *oops*. So when I got an invite to the #BohoBeachParty with Umberto Giannini I knew I'd be able to embrace my beach hair and maybe learn how to improve it also

A Letter to my Ex

Monday, 31 July 2017

Dear Ex,

At the time, you breaking up with me seemed like the worst thing in the world I could be facing. My world crumbled and fell apart and all I could think was "Why?" "How can I fix things?" "What can I do to make you change your mind?"

But now, months after the event, I realised it was the best thing that could happen to me and my life and I am no longer pained or hurt after this. I still don't want to see you in the street so don't think this is me extending a hand of peace or an olive branch. Oh no.

Summertime Sadness

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

"I got that Summertime, Summertime sadness

S-S-Summertime, Summertime sadness"

This post doesn't allude to suicide like Lana's song does. No. It is more about social media and the need to look like you are having the best summer in the world before looking like you are having the cosiest and most Hygge winter ever

Perilous Laboratory for the Absorbment of Natural Teachings (P.L.A.N.T)

Thursday, 20 July 2017

When Leigh asks if you want to go to an event with Hendricks, of course you scream "YYAASSS QUUUUEEEEEEN"!! Life has peaked mate. Hendricks is the ultimate one when it comes to Gin imo. Nothing more refreshing than a Hendricks and tonic with cucumber garnishing

However when she said the event was to make music with cucumbers, sorry love but what? You K hun? I started to get visions of us trying to hit drum kits with cucumbers and bits flying off everywhere into a nearby G&T. Amusing for sure but definitely a wtf is going on kind of moment. Alas that is not exactly what happens at P.L.A.N.T

#LiveTheMoment with Black Rapid

Monday, 17 July 2017

I have completely found something that has changed my shooting life. OK, it isn't exactly new and it is a company I have known about for years. But I have only just adopted it into my kit bag and it has revolutionised the way I shoot and how comfortable I now am. Mind. Blown.

If you are into photography and gear you may have already heard about Black Rapid. Back when I knew of them they were black and yellow branded but have since gone through a complete look refresh it seems and a whole new range which I think look more modern and sleek. I want to introduce you to the Black Rapid Curve Breathe strap and my new shooting best friend

Freefalling for Charity

Monday, 19 June 2017

I did something completely new and different for me recently. I photographed my Cousin's boyfriend do a freefall abseil off of the ArcelorMittal Orbit in Stratford
SIDEBAR, because actually he is now part of the family as he proposed to her before his abseil! EEK! HOW AMAZING

I am writing this post as obviously a means to show off my work which is what I like to do with my space, but also to give Jordan an outlet to explain why he has done this. To me, it seems scary and crazy! But once you know why someone does something you understand the will to want to do anything and to be able to go through with it also

Amy's Kitchen Celebrates 30 Years

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Amys Kitchen
Eating veggie is something I would love to do more, but I have personal reasons as to why I can't so don't preach to me to just do it and give up those nugs, and so when I can I definitely like to choose veggie over meat options to cut down my consumption

Amy's Kitchen is celebrating 30 years this year and offered to send me some samples to review. I was intrigued by a lot of the products such as gluten free pizza and veggie burritos, burgers, so how could a girl say no to trying out something completely new and exploring more veggie foods?! I wasn't expecting the array of delights they did send me however!

Boohoo Band Tee Boutique

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Boohoo Band Tees
Festival season is upon us officially! I always consider Download one of the first major festivals to kick start the season and it has now occurred. NGL, I am gutted I didn't go this year. Not even for a day. But I am so fed up with the Drownload it becomes, yet the one year I don't go and it seems OK weather wise?! What is that about?! However I can't complain as I did go to Slamdunk festival and it was UH-MAZING. Another festival I consider as the season kickstarter

A big wardrobe staple for me for festivals, and any occasion really, is band tees! So when Boohoo invited me to a band tee boutique of theirs I SQUEALED in delight. I am always buying band tees from festivals and gigs as mementos so this is right up my street

PREACH: Credit Your Creative

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Photo by Leigh Travers

I feel like it is time to lay some truths down on y'all. Mainly because I had a tweet get a LOT of responses. A lot of positive feedback, but also a lot of people not understanding, and a lot of people not sure how to react in such a situation!! So, I need to spell it out for you and I decided to write a blog post to explain it all

This is the tweet that started it all:

48 hours in Gothenburg

Thursday, 25 May 2017

When Ryanair decide to have a sale to cheer us up after political disaster, you can't really say no to it! And that is exactly what me and Leigh did when Ryanair had a sale once Brexit and Article 50 was actually triggered and put into place. The cheapest options were Switzerland, Toulouse, or Gothenburg. So after falling in love with Iceland (we both went at the same time which was a HUGE coincidence) we decided to stick with the Scandi theme and we booked those cheap flights to Gothenburg to allow us to spend a weekend abroad somewhere

Modern Dating and Me

Monday, 22 May 2017

Oh that dating life. I swear I am constantly dipping my toes in and out the waters of it. I am what my friends have called a relationship whore. I'll be in one, then not, then straight in another. I feel like this is a story for another day though and one we could talk about for hours. In my relationship hopping states I have been in and out of the dating scene throughout the years and you know what? Modern dating actually really sucks! And I think a lot of you who are dating within the modern day can also agree with me. I feel like I have noticed it a lot more though within 2017

#WhereLumixGoes: Iceland

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Skogafoss WaterfallIf you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen my mass Iceland spam that I have been posting. Sorry not sorry for filling you with wanderlust there at all, and actually I really shouldn't be calling it spam either! It's my Insta I will fill it with what I want. But I digress from the point...

I have been to Iceland before and took my DSLR along. I knew I was going to take it along again this time because I would be exploring areas I didn't touch upon. No doubt I will be going again eventually as I have barely scratched the surface of the natural beauty within this country
I also had Panasonic Lumix UK then send me one of their CSC cameras to see if I would consider switching from DSLR to CSC. Interesting... but I'll give it a go!

C'est La Vie

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

C'est La Vie. That little French phrase we all know. That's Life.
And you know what? It sums everything up. That is life. C'est La Vie. Whatever will be, will be. (I know the song is actually que sera but I think it ties in with the notion of C'est La Vie also)

I don't want to sound negative but I see everybody nowadays popping stuff in their 'Fuck It' buckets and I want to add a little Parisian Chic to my life instead. I got dumped: C'est La Vie. Backstabbers getting you down? C'est La Vie. Got haters? C'est La Vie. I'll never be a skinny minx, C'est La Fucking Vie. C'est La Vie is my new "fuck it"

Very X Cosmo 'Self Made Summit'

Monday, 8 May 2017

Recently I was lucky enough to have been invited by to an event they were sponsoring. The event was Cosmopolitan Magazine's 'Self Made Summit'. A whole day event designed around women entrepreneurs and the ambitious with the aim to inspire and 'influence the influencer'. Seems perfect for me seeing as I blog, run Fordtography and freelance in photography, and have a 9-5 photographical day job. I am the embodiment of an ambitious young woman right now for sure

Not the usual event I would actually sign up to myself, but after attending this I can definitely say I would do it again. Since leaving my mindset has changed, my goals have changed, the way I go about them all has changed. And for the better!
The editor of Cosmo actually opened with a bit of information about how being self made is SO important right now as job security in careers is lessening with each year that goes by. Freelancing is on the rise and so come on girls, get your #GirlBoss hats on whilst I run through some tips I learnt for the day that will hopefully inspire you...

Capturing emotions within Photography

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Clikd, a new creative and photo based dating/networking app, have challenged me to write about the best way get emotions through within photography. Not just love and those kinds of emotions though, but all kinds of emotions to help the viewer emote with your work and empathise with your work depending on the emotion present. Yes I will discuss love for the dating element of the app, but there is also a networking side to Clikd where you can meet like minded individuals to work on projects with or add to your ever growing circle of friends!

KraPow x EatFirst

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Have you ever wanted restaurant quality food but not wanted to actually leave your house? Like, you have your full on no bra and sweatpants vibe going on but you just don't want to cook anything good?
This is exactly where EatFirst is going to fit right into your life
(only available in London currently which is a bit of a shame. I do hope they expand)

EatFirst have also recently just launched a new menu in association with KraPow London, a thai street food available right here in London. Thai up your dinner and I am going to explain exactly how. I was lucky enough to be invited to their launch party and let me tell you, this menu has made me want to move right into London just so I can get this every damn day

Chocolate for any occasion

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Today is 2 days after Easter. You would think I am sick of the sight of chocolate by now but in honesty, I never could be. Chocolate is something that is perfect for really any occasion. As an easter gift of course, but also as a birthday gift, an apology gift, a dinner party gift, an after dinner party favour, as a little TREAT YO SELF GUUURRRLLL. The possibilities are endless

Yeah you can treat your self to some discounted easter eggs right about now, but why not really treat yourself and opt for Elizabeth Shaw's offering? I have always thought Elizabeth Shaw chocolate exudes luxury and at the end of the day, you are worth it

My Tattoos. Part 1

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

I don't know if you would have noticed in pictures, but I have a few tattoos dotted about me. You may see my small wrist ones on Instagram or selfies, but you may not know that actually some of my body is absolutely covered and that they are mostly hidden depending on what I am wearing that day. Because I have about 15 seperate tattoos, and a real want for loads more, I thought I would divulge to you exactly what they are, where they are, and why I decided to get them

Body Confidence and Me

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Body confidence, or lack thereof, is something we will all have experience in regardless of our age or gender. Whether it be body positivity or body loathing, we all think some things about ourselves and strive to be this vision of perfection on the outside in the hopes that people will then get to know us and our 'insides'. Not literally our insides but you know what I mean

The Ordinary Skincare

Monday, 6 March 2017

The Ordinary by Deciem
Do you want to know my current skincare secret? (apart from the antiobiotics I am currenly on for acne)
It's these little £5-6 beauties that I first discovered on ASOS and have since seen blowing up. The Ordinary Skincare is a new brand owned by Deciem. Deciem describe themselves as 'An Abnormal Beauty Company' and it isn't hard to see why. They are doing things that others aren't and trying to change the industry for the better
But I am not here to talk about Deciem as a whole. Mainly their brand The Ordinary and the 2 new additions to my skincare arsenal that I am LOVING

Cystic Acne and Me

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Cystic acne
Yep, I am one of those people who still suffer from acne well outside of their teens. Adult acne is well and truly a thing shown in the fact I am 26 and my mother was dealing with it up until her late 30s. Mine, like my mother (gee thanks mother for these genes), is a bit different and not as spoken about. Yes I get the regular breakouts and small whiteheads, but I also have a far worse monster to deal with and that monster is something known as cystic acne

Slovenia Travel Diary

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Lake Bled
I mentioned in my World Duty Free VIP post recently that I was travelling to Slovenia on the day I got pampered and preened at Duty Free. Well, I can't not write a post about Slovenia eh?

Every year me and my bestie do a holiday together and go somewhere new. 2016 was Orlando in Florida, and 2017 ended up being Slovenia due to images we had seen of the Lake Bled area. What we didn't realise though is that we booked it for January and Slovenia gets cold in January. Very cold. Like highs of 0 degrees kinda cold

VIP at World Duty Free

Monday, 20 February 2017

World Duty Free Stansted
When I travelled to Slovenia recently, I ended up going from Stansted airport rather than my usual and local Luton airport. Luton used to be a World Duty Free airport but it no longer is and has become an Aelia duty free which I still dislike and grumble about as I know about some secret perks you can get at World Duty Free (World Duty Free is at Stansted, Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Bristol and many many more so keep on reading to hear more about these perks for your next travel adventure!)

NEW // Neon Power

Thursday, 16 February 2017

I don't just shoot fashion bloggers and their OOTD's, or fashion editorials. I can also shoot just simple portraits for whatever you may need them for. Check out what I do over at Fordtography - my portfolio

Sian got in touch with me as she wanted some portraits for her blog. Mainly for her "about me" section, but it turns out she booked in with me for a whole bigger reason than just the fact she wanted portraits

Revive Your Lunch Life

Monday, 13 February 2017

Do you ever get stuck in a lunchtime rut? Ugh same to be honest. It can be such a nightmare. £3 meal deals just add up as well during the month and before you know it you realise you have spent a lot of money on expensive and disappointing store bought sandwiches

New Covent Garden want to help revive your lunch life and get you out of this sandwich rut! Their cartons are suitable for 3 servings and will survive at least a week within the fridge, and they are totally resealable so you can just pour out your serving, heat it up, stick it in a flask and off you head to the office
However, they have challenged me to revive my lunch life by not only trying out their soups but also by making a quick and easy batch accompaniment that will give the soup a little extra something something

Perfect Valentines Night In

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Valentines isn't too far away now and I always love having a date night on Valentines. However what do you do if you don't fancy going out? You don't always have to go out out to celebrate V-Day and you can have a real lovely time inside as much as going outside to fancy restaurants

Even if it means Netflix & Chill is your perfect Valentines date night. Go for it. You do you! Here are just some of my ideas though for the perfect Valentines night in
EatFirst Valentines Menu
Press Image from EatFirst

If you are London based in zones 1-4, consider bringing the restaurant to the comfort of your own home by using EatFirst. EatFirst brings you meals that are cooked by London's best chefs, and then chilled for delivery to your house where you can reheat when the perfect candlelit dinner time is set. (You could also trick your bae into saying you cooked these amazing dishes)
Their Valentines menu is available from the 7th Feb until the 14th Feb and features some real Italian treats like Beef Meatball Tagliolini (£7.95) and Duck Ragu Papperdelle (£8.95). You can even get the wine paired with your dishes and delivered. Reasonable prices and exceptional quality. Just visit EatFirst or download the app to find out more!
Lekue ChocoFondue

For dessert or as a decadent treat with some wine/prosecco/GIN, why not consider your own chocolate fondue by using Lekue's ChocoFondue. Chocolate and strawberries is always considered romantic and decadent, and you can indulge yourselves by making your own fondue quickly and all in the microwave also. Simply fill up Lekue's ChocoFondue with water, put the red lid on top, fill the spaces with whichever chocolate you want, and then all you need to do is pop in the microwave for a few minutes. Really easy and simple. Give it a stir once taken out of the microwave and enjoy melted chocolate for over an hour. Surprise your bae with their favourite chocolate melted up and use fresh fruit, marshmallows, profiteroles, nuts, bread, or anything else you may want to dip in. I do love using fresh strawberries and marshmallows. FYI, melted Toblerone is the one. You can have that tip for free
Lekue ChocoFondue

Cuddle up together under a blanket and watch your perfect date night movie. Just because it is Valentines doesn't mean you have to watch rom coms (unless you are both into rom coms of course). Watch something new that will interest both of you. Keep your chocolate fondue hanging around for snack-age and you got the perfect little love nest in front of the TV. Me and Connor are currently watching a documentary on Netflix called "Locked Up", about people in jails/prisons in the US and we are obsessed. There is nothing better than us snuggling up and watching this programme together
Lush Bubble Bar

Lastly, for the most perfect romantic date night in, why not consider sharing a bubble bath before bed? I love baths and so does Connor. Even better is when you get Lush involved! Their valentines collection is amaze this year and this Lovestruck bubble bar is too cute not to gift and use. I love a good bath bomb also, but bubble bars last a lot longer and create that romantic bubble bath. Set some candles up safely and you have the perfect wind down after a top notch night in full of love for each other
Post features press samples. All views and opinions are my own

Red Hot Lyps for V-Day

Monday, 6 February 2017

Valentines day is coming up and that normally means it is time to prepare to pucker up for whomever your Valentine may be that day. Whether it be your boyfriend or girlfriend, and even your own family like your sister, mother, father, your sister from another mister, brother from another mother. Valentines is all about showing love, care, and affection for anyone within our lives that we have love for (although I like to think we should show love any and every day) so even you singletons can get involved

How am I prepping for that valentines kiss? With Lypsyl. This is mine and my boyfriend's first valentines day together and so I want it to be extra special, but I can't do that if I am not looking or feeling good about myself. With Valentines day being in February also my skin suffers. It suffers really bad and it gets all dry, dehydrated, sensitive and sore. My lips are the worst. You can't be going round spreading Valentines love with chapped lips! (or dry hands either FYI. Soften those babies up for any hand holding moments)
Lypsyl have a new and improved formula to ensure your lips stay in peak kissable condition, as well as some new flavours to tantalise. Each new formula balm includes shea and cocoa butters, avocado oil, beeswax, aloe vera and vitamin E. These are ingredients that have been proven to hydrate and soothe and they really do work. They also feature SPF which is a must for any skincare I reckon, regardless of it being Winter currently

To go with the romance vibe you can get two flavours in red packaging. Strawberry and Pomegranate (which is my faaaaaaave) as well as Cherry and Almond. There are other flavours if these aren't up your street such as original, Vanilla, Coconut and Almond, Cucumber and Aloe, Mint and Fennel. The Vanilla one is an SPF of 50 FYI and the rest are SPF 15

The boyfriend has actually stolen my Strawberry and Pomegranate flavour so I might say that is one of his Valentines day gifts ;) but at least it means we both have kissable lips ready for valentines day and whatever plans we end up having for it

How are you getting ready for Valentines day?
Lypsyl items were sent for review. But all opinions and views are my own

NEW // Defences

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

I don't just photograph fashion bloggers. I photograph people in general. I love taking portraits and capturing people within moments. Documenting and capturing candid moments. I think this stems from the fact I used to document London Fashion Week runways and backstage moments, and that documentation shows a moment in time that you can never get back again

So yeah as well as photographing all you Fbloggers out there, I also photograph people and moments. I have a few friends in bands, and one of them asked me to photograph their band and some behind the scenes of a new music video shoot of theirs

NEW // Joey, Northern Magpie Blog

Friday, 27 January 2017

Joey, Northern Magpie blog
Joey of Northern Magpie blog is a blogger that I have followed for ages and have always admired her style of fashion as well as the aesthetic to the images she posts also
When she got in touch with me to shoot I jumped at the chance! I just knew I had to shoot her and see what we could create together

Her style of images is very grunge and gritty and I thought that certain areas of Shoreditch would be perfect for this! There is plenty of street art around Shoreditch which always helps give a cool and hip urban vibe to images

A weekend in Amsterdam

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Amsterdam is a city that I see loads of people go to, fall in love with and then want to live there, yet I have never actually been myself and it never used to intrigue me
It only really intrigued me within the last year when I noticed blogger baes such as Leigh Travers and Queen Beady go a lot and adore it and their Amsterdam content made me want to go so badly. I ended up booking a last minute trip with my bae Connor the weekend before Christmas

I now completely understand the appeal for Amsterdam and, like a cliche, I fell in love with the place and can't wait to make a trip back

Detox your Skin with Sönd

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

January tends to be a time for new beginnings. New diets: Veganuary and dry January, new gym regimes, new ways in which to change ourselves for the better and make ourselves a better person for 2017. Have you ever considered something such as a skin detox though?
I didn't know you could even detox your skin! The people over at Sönd skin, with the help of Dr Isabel Sharkar, have created videos and a skin detox regime to help explain a skin detox for any of us sensitive skin sufferers to undergo. Because beauty starts from the inside out

New Year, New You: movie challenge

Monday, 16 January 2017

I am one of those people that are very specific about what they will watch when it comes to movies. If it isn't killer related, crime related, horror, or gore then I simply do not want to know! I do love me a good crime thriller that has plenty of horror featured. I can pass on the newest comedy film or chick flick, I couldn't care less as they just aren't 'me'

I am also one of those people who always answers "no" when somebody asks "have you watched this? have you watched that?". My answer will always be no. Because of this, I want to make 2017 the year I change all of this and stop missing out on movies that are deemed as 'classics'. I want to break free of my horror mould and experience something new and watch things that maybe I wouldn't ever dream of picking up, either due to their year of creation, their category, or their subject matter. To do this I have created a short list of films that are deemed as 'classics' and I will be watching these to see if I can change my movie watching ways and become a new me

Copenhagen Travel Diary

Thursday, 12 January 2017

I recently took a long weekend trip to Copenhagen. This came about due to the fact Ryanair had a cheeky sale on right after Brexit happened. My heart broke but at least my soul was lifted by the idea of £9.99 flights from Ryanair. I was looking at destinations from Luton airport and Copenhagen was one of them so it was a done deal! I booked it and then found accommodation on Air BnB and just waited for the weekend to roll around

I made no real plans for when I was there either. I was just going to explore the city with my friend and try and experience it as best I could with little to no info. I fell in love with Copenhagen. The people, the architecture, the pastries, the cleanliness, everything about it was beautiful and hyggelig

Perfect Pancakes with Lekue

Monday, 9 January 2017

Lekue Crepe Kit
I go through phases where pancakes are a HUGE staple within my diet. It tends to be when I am in the States or know I am due to be going to the States. Seeing as I am off to Florida in August 2017, pancakes are a huge staple right now
I never seem to memorise the ingredients or quantities needed though in order to make the perfect fluffy pancakes, or crepes. I am in love with big, fat, fluffy, American style pancakes and I always forget what I need. Mixing is then such a drag, can somebody else just make them for me please?

With Lekue's Pancake & Crepe Kit, I never need to worry about being forgetful again! (I have been waching Ru Paul's Drag Race a lot recently, can you tell by that real corny plugging kinda line?)

My Tips for perfect Hair Care

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

I feel like I blog a fair bit about hair. Whether it be salons, hair care products, treatments. I literally know nothing about hair either, sorry to say. I am not a master in it, I just have culminated a various amount of experiences that have given me knowledge needed to improve my hair condition. I have the worst kind of hair as it is fine, thin, dry, damaged, with eczema in my scalp. But if my tips and tricks can help my terrible hair then they sure as hell can help you out also

Kind Snack Bars

Monday, 2 January 2017

It's now January 2017. I guess that means it is time for the 'New Year, New Me' pledges, right?
I'm not knocking the people who do make these pledges. Good on ya for trying to change yourself and hopefully for the better. I'm just not one of those people. I have spent ages trying to like me that I don't want a new me. I just want to better my lifestyle is all! The one thing that always comes up when someone wants to better themselves is weight and food. I want to try and snack better. I snack a lot at work and it's not on good stuff. This is probably severely affecting my diet and weight (as well as the birth control pill)

I now pledge for 2017 to snack better to improve my overall diet and I am starting with these snack bars by Kind
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