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Thursday, 12 January 2017

I recently took a long weekend trip to Copenhagen. This came about due to the fact Ryanair had a cheeky sale on right after Brexit happened. My heart broke but at least my soul was lifted by the idea of £9.99 flights from Ryanair. I was looking at destinations from Luton airport and Copenhagen was one of them so it was a done deal! I booked it and then found accommodation on Air BnB and just waited for the weekend to roll around

I made no real plans for when I was there either. I was just going to explore the city with my friend and try and experience it as best I could with little to no info. I fell in love with Copenhagen. The people, the architecture, the pastries, the cleanliness, everything about it was beautiful and hyggelig
Our flight out there ended up being delayed by about an hour so we did in fact end up googling things to do when there, but it was mainly googling the best bars to go to when we landed as we couldn't collect our keys until 3pm and we were due to land at like 10am

We found 2 bars we wanted to go to. Warpigs Brewpub and a place called Bip Bip Bar. Warpigs was advertised as a craft beer place that also did BBQ food and Bip Bip looked to be full of old school games like Pac Man and you could buy tokens to play these old school games whilst drinking. 2 places right up my street. We wanted food when we landed though and so went to Warpigs and was not disappointed. We ended up drinking 8% craft beers and eating things like deep fried pickles, spare ribs and smoked buffalo chicken wings. A real great welcome to Copenhagen!
We then headed to our Air BnB which was a short train ride away from Central Copenhagen and the rest of the day was a write off due to travel exhaustion and the fact we had been up since 4am UK time
We awoke early the next day and headed back into Central via the Metro train and decided to head straight for the Rundetaarn as the first thing to do of the day
I had heard the Rundetaarn is perfect as a view point over the whole of Copenhagen so we went to check out the view. Thankfully there's only a small amount of stairs to climb in this building to get to the top, it's all mainly just one big spiral ramp and it is hella wide

The Rundetaarn also has a museum inside of it and currently showcasing was the "Museum of Broken Relationships". You get entry to this included with your Rundetaarn ticket so of course we looked around this exhibition. It really was as heartbreaking as it sounds, with me then despairing for all humanity and wondering if love really exists
To sum it up, the museum of broken relationships is a travelling exhibition with pieces given to the exhibition by people all over the globe as well as a story about a broken relationship relating to the item they give. A lot of people have used it as closure, a lot of people had a funny story to tell, a lot of people use it as a final "F YOU" to their ex

For me, one of the worst ones was a woman had submitted her IVF kit in and the back story explained how she no longer needed it because her husband of many years went and had an affair and had a kid with this other woman whilst they were meant to be undergoing IVF together.... *crycrycry* how can humans be so cruel to one another?!
After our visit to the Rundetaarn we had no idea what to do next. Like I said, we had no plans. Many people had recommended Tivoli to me but we decided to avoid that. It looked to be a real tourist trap and entry was something like 120DKK. No thank you, I will take my limited funds elsewhere. As Tivoli looked all Christmassy also it was just being flooded with people, and being a weekend, it was probably crammed full of tourists and locals and we wanted to use our time in Copenhagen a bit more wisely

I will go back to Copenhagen again though for sure to experience Tivoli, but maybe not at Christmas time
We ended up just walking the streets around Central Copenhagen and stumbled across many a Christmas market nestled amongst the streets


We also strolled Nyhavn. This is the street that is always featured in Instagrams due to its canal-side location and colourful buildings with amazing architecture
This street is full of food and bars so you really won't struggle in deciding where to eat or drink if you are near Nyhavn

I did take many a photo of this street like a tourist would. It was just too pretty not to! The Christmas decorations really amped up the beauty and I felt like I was in a little colourful Christmas village

After wandering around Nyhavn, we carried on just roaming the streets and found the National Museum and then stumbled across Christiansborg Palace. One of a few palaces around Copenhagen. We didn't go inside but we did admire the building and the surroundings

We then wanted to head to Bip Bip bar for some drinks and old school gaming, but a quick Google showed it as being closed on Sundays and Mondays. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. So if you go to Copenhagen, please check out Bip Bip bar for me and let me know what it is like. I never got a chance to find out as Sunday and Monday were my days of exploring and they just so happened to be closed on those days
Instead of drinks and retro games we decided to check out Free Town Christiania. I have no photos of this area because it was dark and not well lit at all and you also aren't actually allowed to take photos inside. There are loads of signs saying no photos as well as no running. Free Town Christiania is a kind of hippy commune within Copenhagen and is known for hash usage even though hash is illegal in Denmark. I consider it a smaller version of Camden actually. It was full of amazing street art which would have been better to see within daylight to experience the art properly and how colourful the area actually was. Daylight might have made it seem not as seedy also. I did feel incredibly uncomfortable walking through but that could just be because of the amount of people who would try and offer you some form of drug subtly. I am not about the high life

It is still definitely worth a visit if you go to Copenhagen though. I just wish I had some daylight to truly see and experience it as the street art looked so colourful and beautiful
Monday was the day we were due to fly back home but we still had time available to explore some more. We started the day with an amazing and authentic Danish Pastry from a bakery just outside Norreport station and we decided to make the walk to the Little Mermaid even though it was meant to be 33 minutes away from us

My dad told me not to bother visiting it because it is tiny but hey, when in Copenhagen. You can't not check it out! It is a part of Danish history after all
Yes it was small, but it was still cute as hell

Do you have any recommendations if I was to visit Copenhagen again?


  1. I booked myslef a cheer-up trip after the Brexit result too - Im going to Iceland in a few weeks! :D
    Copenhagen looks very beautiful and is definitely on my list to visit - And I'd have definitely walked to the little mermaid too!

    1. I LOVE Iceland. You are going to have a great time and it is so beautiful there. I am heading back there in April and I can't wait


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