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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

I feel like I blog a fair bit about hair. Whether it be salons, hair care products, treatments. I literally know nothing about hair either, sorry to say. I am not a master in it, I just have culminated a various amount of experiences that have given me knowledge needed to improve my hair condition. I have the worst kind of hair as it is fine, thin, dry, damaged, with eczema in my scalp. But if my tips and tricks can help my terrible hair then they sure as hell can help you out also

  • I colour my hair. A lot. I bleach the ends and colour the roots. It causes brittle hair and breakage at the ends, but one way I minimise this is by using Osmo Chromaplex at home when doing my DIY bleach ombre. If I am in a salon getting bleach I will ask for Smartbond or whatever that salon offers that is similar. It is just one way to help protect my hair from the chemicals I am putting on it and help improve the longevity of the bleach

  • Every now and then do a hair mask at home for intensive all over repair and deep conditioning. Or pop into a salon for a hair treatment like this one from Rush. It's just another way to help keep your hair in tip top soft condition, especially if you laden it with harsh chemicals like I do with all this dye every 6-8 weeks. Hair masks at home can be done every week, I tend to do them when having a good long soak in the bath every week. Hair salon treatments can be every 2-3 weeks depending on how often you wash your hair. My treatments don't last as long as I wash my hair a lot (I have to because my hair gets super greasy due to how thin and fine it is)

  • Even if you are growing your hair do get it cut every 6-8 weeks to help maintain it. You'd be surprised what a slight trim can do to help promote growth, but also just tidy up your barnet and do wonders for your confidence!

  • Look after your hair when using heated tools such as a hairdryer or straighteners/curlers. Use heat protection spray or lotions. Look into the best kind of tools for your hair also! You may think a hair dryer is just a hair dryer but that is not the case. There are so many hair dryers in the UK now that can help care for your hair, such as this one that contains ultra-fine nano Ions to penetrate deep into the hair and maintain moisture balance whilst also having the same ph level as hair and scalp so as not to disturb it all. Exactly what I need with my sensitive scalp and dry hair

  • Washing hair every day is actually bad for it. I know this and I try so hard not to! I managed to train my hair to go 2 days without a wash but after that I just can't go any longer. I envy you people who can go a week without washing it! Find a dry shampoo that works best for you to battle the grease. I love ones that have a slight brunette colour to them to help mask any grease amongst my brunette roots. My fave so far has definitely been the Label.M brunette dry shampoo with Batiste a close second

  • What are your top hair care tips?
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