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Monday, 9 January 2017

Lekue Crepe Kit
I go through phases where pancakes are a HUGE staple within my diet. It tends to be when I am in the States or know I am due to be going to the States. Seeing as I am off to Florida in August 2017, pancakes are a huge staple right now
I never seem to memorise the ingredients or quantities needed though in order to make the perfect fluffy pancakes, or crepes. I am in love with big, fat, fluffy, American style pancakes and I always forget what I need. Mixing is then such a drag, can somebody else just make them for me please?

With Lekue's Pancake & Crepe Kit, I never need to worry about being forgetful again! (I have been waching Ru Paul's Drag Race a lot recently, can you tell by that real corny plugging kinda line?)
Lekue Crepe Kit
The Pancake & Crepe Kit comes with a batter shaker device, a spatula, and an instruction booklet that also includes some handy recipes for sweet or savoury pancakes/crepes

Keep hold of the small instruction booklet as it can provide some amazing recipe inspo! If you lose it, no bother at all because the shaking device actually lists the ingredients needed on the side of it to make pancakes or crepes! It's so handy. One side lists everything you need for crepes and the other side lists what you need for pancakes. It even marks where you need to fill the flour or milk up to and layering the ingredients up before you shake away to mix it all up

I cheated this time around because my boyfriend had already bought me a crepe kit that I had yet to use. I had a crepe powder mix and just needed to add water to it
Lekue Crepe Kit
Best bit about this is that you shake it all up to mix it up. The shaker comes with 2 balls that you put inside before you start adding the ingredients. These weighted balls then help to mix the ingredients together once you start shaking it up all together. It helps to get rid of any lumps and make for a smooth and even mixture

You don't need to worry about bakers elbow anymore! If that's even a thing. I just know my arm starts to hurt when using a whisk. Just shake away as if you are a cocktail maker
Lekue Crepe Kit
Once it has all been shaken up and it looks pretty even, just leave your batter to sit for 20-30 minutes before you go on to do any cooking

With this device, it even helps you pour the mixture out to create even and round pancakes/crepes. Nothing worse than trying to ladle mixture out from a massive bowl into a pan and making a huge mess everywhere

Once you take a part of the top off, you can then see underneath has a kind of sieve pattern just to make sure no further lumps are within the mixture and your batter is consistent and smooth. Nothing worse than a lumpy batter. You want it to be as smooth as possible
Lekue Crepe Kit

Lekue Crepe Kit
Simply pour your mixture over a heated pan and when the top starts to bubble, you take your spatula that comes within the kit and simply flip it over to then cook the other side. It is a really quick process and pancakes don't take that long to cook

Crepes will always tend to be paler than pancakes and pancakes take a little bit longer to bubble fully and cook as they are thicker. I always do a tiny test one first to gauge how it cooks before wasting a lot of mixture on huge ones that come out rubbish!

Never flip them using the pan either. It's not fun and it's not cool! Just flip them with a spatula. Pancakes are too good a food to waste
Lekue Crepe Kit
This Lekue Pancake and Crepe Kit is going to change my life. I never need to worry about sourcing a recipe anymore as I have the basic ingredients needed always printed on the batter shaker. LIFE CHANGING GUYS. Not to mention the fact that it really does create an amazingly smooth batter just by you shaking it up for a small while

The only thing it can't help with is choosing what topping for them! I love bacon & syrup for pancakes, and nutella rolled into crepes. Or chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream... *daydreams about all the pancakes*

What do you like with your pancakes & crepes?
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