New Year, New You: movie challenge

Monday, 16 January 2017

I am one of those people that are very specific about what they will watch when it comes to movies. If it isn't killer related, crime related, horror, or gore then I simply do not want to know! I do love me a good crime thriller that has plenty of horror featured. I can pass on the newest comedy film or chick flick, I couldn't care less as they just aren't 'me'

I am also one of those people who always answers "no" when somebody asks "have you watched this? have you watched that?". My answer will always be no. Because of this, I want to make 2017 the year I change all of this and stop missing out on movies that are deemed as 'classics'. I want to break free of my horror mould and experience something new and watch things that maybe I wouldn't ever dream of picking up, either due to their year of creation, their category, or their subject matter. To do this I have created a short list of films that are deemed as 'classics' and I will be watching these to see if I can change my movie watching ways and become a new me

First on the list IS a movie that I actually have watched before, but I decided I should ease myself into this challenge by watching it again. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. A modern day classic (not all classics have to be old you know), and a beautiful story of a guy that was born old, and gets younger the older he gets. Completely backwards but completely beautiful, interesting, and the cinematography can not be faulted

The Color Purple. It features Whoopi Goldberg in her first ever appearance and is directed by Steven Spielberg. These are considered some two greats within cinema so it makes sense I watch some more by them. Based on a pulitzer prize winning novel of the same name it was bound to be considered a classic. It tells the tale of a young African American woman and the struggles they faced during the early 20th century. Something I would never ever consider to watch, but it's about time I gave something different a go. Something that will educate me also whilst still being fictional

Gone With The Wind. Everyone seems to know this title but I have no clue about it at all. What is it about? The movie poster doesn't really explain to me. It just looks like romance and ugh I have never been into that
It sounds like a tale of love had, love lost, and realising they were the love of your life all along. I think it is something anyone can relate to. It doesn't necessarily sound like a tale of 'The One Who Got Away', but everyone has someone they regret letting go from their life. I have never watched something from the 1930's either so it will be interesting to break free from my 'modern day cinema' that I normally stick with

Dial M For Murder. Well I have to get some kind of murder and gore into this list somehow. I can't change myself entirely. I also have never ever watched something by Hitchcock and I know he is considered a real great within cinema so this seems like the perfect choice to change my movie habits. Grace Kelly is also an actress I have heard of but again, never watched anything with her in so let's change all of that this year! A love affair gone wrong leading to the jealous husband wanting to kill his own wife, but that all goes wrong too. Doesn't seem like a movie I could hate so here's hoping it goes well for me

The Towering Inferno. I'm not going to lie. This seems the least interesting one for me within the list I have compiled. I don't even know why I am subjecting myself to it, but Steve McQueen is a name I recognise so try it I must! A fire breaks out in a high rise building during an event where loads of A-list people are inside. Cool story bro. I hate action movies with a passion, but the whole point of this is to change my movie habits and see if I can open my mind to new experiences so here we go, got to watch something I am not interested in at all! I'll never broaden my mind at this rate if I was to only watch stuff that interested me. You never know, it could end up surprising me and be really great and then I would understand more as to why it is considered a classic disaster movie

This will definitely be an interesting experiment into my movie watching habits and I am hoping I can make it through the whole list and watch the whole movies. I really don't want to end up turning them off halfway (looking at you Towering Inferno), so let's hope they can pique my interest and change what I think about other movie genres. If you have seen some of these I would love to know what you think, so leave me a comment below!

You too can challenge yourself and pick movies from my list right here. Let me know if you do pick one and which one/s you pick
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I now hand the challenge over to you. What movie types do you tend to avoid? Will you be trying one of these out?


  1. I absolutely will be trying them out xoxo

  2. I'm exactly like you - I would gladly pass up comedy films and anything remotely romantic, but my go-to are Documentaries. I am a sucker for true story, and personally find them so much easier to get drawn in to! I should really have seen far more classics than I have, and (despite Hot Fuzz being my favourite film ever) Action films aren't top of my to-watch list either, but as I'm aiming to get 200 films watched this year we'll see what happens! Good luck with your film watching :-)


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