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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

January tends to be a time for new beginnings. New diets: Veganuary and dry January, new gym regimes, new ways in which to change ourselves for the better and make ourselves a better person for 2017. Have you ever considered something such as a skin detox though?
I didn't know you could even detox your skin! The people over at Sönd skin, with the help of Dr Isabel Sharkar, have created videos and a skin detox regime to help explain a skin detox for any of us sensitive skin sufferers to undergo. Because beauty starts from the inside out

I know I will be giving this detox a go because I suffer from eczema, acne, headaches and migraines. This detox will also benefit people who suffer from skin breakouts, psoriasis, weight gain, unable to lose weight, hormonal imbalances and chemical sensitivities. The goal of a detox is to limit the toxins coming into your body whilst supporting the organs that clear toxins from your body. If there are too many toxins in your body then this can start coming through in your skin and it could show in the form of eczema flare ups, acne, and any other skin condition. For me this shows up in the form of skin breakouts as well as cystic acne which is the worst kind of acne

You can get some more information from Sönd's website. There will be 3 videos in total, with the first one being the one above. Be sure to check them all out to get all the information you need as they will be released weekly from now on. There's also a competition running to have your own conversation with Dr Sharkar to help tailor your regime to your own skin. I know I would love this prize as I am constantly struggling with my skin being dry, dehydrated, acne ridden, and even sometimes cystic acne. You can enter this competition below
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Or if you prefer you can sign up to receive a skin detox cheat sheet to help you with detoxing your skin. You can also get 10% off of products on their site using the code 'KLF'. HOW EXCITING! This code runs out on the 28th February so snap some stuff up quick

Will you consider a skin detox this year? Use the code 'KLF' for 10% off

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