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Monday, 13 February 2017

Do you ever get stuck in a lunchtime rut? Ugh same to be honest. It can be such a nightmare. £3 meal deals just add up as well during the month and before you know it you realise you have spent a lot of money on expensive and disappointing store bought sandwiches

New Covent Garden want to help revive your lunch life and get you out of this sandwich rut! Their cartons are suitable for 3 servings and will survive at least a week within the fridge, and they are totally resealable so you can just pour out your serving, heat it up, stick it in a flask and off you head to the office
However, they have challenged me to revive my lunch life by not only trying out their soups but also by making a quick and easy batch accompaniment that will give the soup a little extra something something

When I have soup I like to eat it with something that will give it a bit of crunch and will help compliment the flavour of soup I choose. But I also need something that is quick to make and I can make a batch of to store and keep for whenever I want soup
Bread is a popular complement to soup, but it won't last a week or longer. However, something that will is crackers! Crackers are something you normally store buy and never think of making yourself, but actually they are so quick and easy to make at home. 45 minutes within an evening and then you have a batch of about 100 crackers, and you can flavour them in any way you want to

Best thing with making your own crackers is not only choosing whatever flavouring and topping you want, but also if they start to lose their crunch you can just heat them back up in the oven to re-crisp them up. It's so easy and hardly costs anything!

I topped my crackers with paprika as I knew straight away I would be having New Covent Garden's Skinny Peri Peri Chicken soup and it seemed like the perfect way to make a complimentary cracker to this soup. It would also go so well with the roasted tomato soup and helps give it a little zing

To make your own crackers you will need:
- 3 cups flour (what is this cups measurement?! I managed to convert it to approx 385g)
- 2 teaspoons sugar
- 2 teapsoons salt
- 4 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, or any kind of oil really. I used whatever I had lying around
- 1 cup water. Again, with the cup measurement. Approx 230ml
- Whatever toppings you want! You can choose from herbs, spices, seeds, sea salt, pepper. The world is your oyster with this to create whatever you want

You want to preheat your oven to Gas Mark 8 and then it is as simple as mixing together the dry ingredients, and then adding the oil and the water and stirring until a soft and sticky dough is formed

Divide the dough into two halves and set one half aside. Sprinkle your work surface lightly with flour as you need to pat the dough into a thick square and then rooooooooooll it thin. You can roll it as thin or as thick as you want, but with crackers you want about 1/8 inch thick ideally. Once you have rolled it out you can sprinkle the dough with whatever topping you choose! But before doing that lightly sprinkle a bit of water on to the dough and then your topping

I then used a pizza cutter to cut my crackers up into rectangular shapes and I placed them on to a baking tray. Make sure to prick with a fork before placing in the oven, this prevents them from puffing up during baking. Bake for 12-15 minutes until the edges are golden brown, take out, leave to cool, and then place them in an airtight container until you want to enjoy

Complete the same process with the second lump of dough you had and you should have a decent amount of crackers for a week easily

It really is as easy as that and took me about 30 minutes in total

It really is easy to create your own crackers to enjoy with any flavour of soup you wish. It is also as easy as spending 30 minutes one evening baking, and then heating some soup up in the morning, sticking in a thermos and taking your crackers and soup into the office as a lunch treat. It also saves a lot of money and beats those disappointing sandwich blues. Get out of that rut and enjoy your lunch life again!

Are you going to revive your lunch life? What's your ultimate accompaniment?
Flask and compensation for soup/ingredients were provided to me. All views, opinions, ideas are my own

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  1. I am definitely in a lunch rut. I have been everywhere locally and tried and tested them, now I am just bored of lunchtime food x


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