Red Hot Lyps for V-Day

Monday, 6 February 2017

Valentines day is coming up and that normally means it is time to prepare to pucker up for whomever your Valentine may be that day. Whether it be your boyfriend or girlfriend, and even your own family like your sister, mother, father, your sister from another mister, brother from another mother. Valentines is all about showing love, care, and affection for anyone within our lives that we have love for (although I like to think we should show love any and every day) so even you singletons can get involved

How am I prepping for that valentines kiss? With Lypsyl. This is mine and my boyfriend's first valentines day together and so I want it to be extra special, but I can't do that if I am not looking or feeling good about myself. With Valentines day being in February also my skin suffers. It suffers really bad and it gets all dry, dehydrated, sensitive and sore. My lips are the worst. You can't be going round spreading Valentines love with chapped lips! (or dry hands either FYI. Soften those babies up for any hand holding moments)
Lypsyl have a new and improved formula to ensure your lips stay in peak kissable condition, as well as some new flavours to tantalise. Each new formula balm includes shea and cocoa butters, avocado oil, beeswax, aloe vera and vitamin E. These are ingredients that have been proven to hydrate and soothe and they really do work. They also feature SPF which is a must for any skincare I reckon, regardless of it being Winter currently

To go with the romance vibe you can get two flavours in red packaging. Strawberry and Pomegranate (which is my faaaaaaave) as well as Cherry and Almond. There are other flavours if these aren't up your street such as original, Vanilla, Coconut and Almond, Cucumber and Aloe, Mint and Fennel. The Vanilla one is an SPF of 50 FYI and the rest are SPF 15

The boyfriend has actually stolen my Strawberry and Pomegranate flavour so I might say that is one of his Valentines day gifts ;) but at least it means we both have kissable lips ready for valentines day and whatever plans we end up having for it

How are you getting ready for Valentines day?
Lypsyl items were sent for review. But all opinions and views are my own

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