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Thursday, 16 February 2017

I don't just shoot fashion bloggers and their OOTD's, or fashion editorials. I can also shoot just simple portraits for whatever you may need them for. Check out what I do over at Fordtography - my portfolio

Sian got in touch with me as she wanted some portraits for her blog. Mainly for her "about me" section, but it turns out she booked in with me for a whole bigger reason than just the fact she wanted portraits

I don't want to detract from what Sian has so beautifully written, and been so open and honest about, so I implore you to go read her blog post about our shoot
It has filled my heart with warmth and glee that I have been able to help someone break free from things that used to terrify them, and that I have been able to help with anxiety and insecurities and completely make a person forget they even had them to begin with

It makes me think about the journey I will soon be taking as I am booked in with Alexandra Cameron for a body confidence shoot. I am a photographer, I take other peoples pictures, I don't ever take my own and it is time I break free from that and try and boost my own confidence
It has been proven that I can help boost others confidence, so I need to step in front of the camera myself and see how beautiful I can be. I also need some professional headshots for my website but I may as well try and be body confident whilst I have some time with Alexandra. Her shots mesmerise me, and being a photographer myself, I know she will be the one for me and to help me out

This is the kind of feedback I only ever want to hear within my photography. I don't really care about the fact I am not getting major Vogue campaigns (although it would be nice and is a dream of mine), I love the fact that I can actually help people through my art and my work. And maybe this is the way forward for me. If a shoot with someone can help increase their confidence and eliminate anxieties and fears they had, then that is worth more than its weight in gold to me and definitely the client is getting major value for their money from me

Since this shoot with Sian, I have actually had others enquire with me as they want to do the same. They want to do something that scares them and it seems a logical thing to book in for a photo shoot with me after reading about somebody's experience. I am all for this way of helping people within their lives and I would love to do more of this

But back on to the shoot itself. Sian explained how she wanted a Winter feel to her images, and she always feels wintery all wrapped up under the glow of lights (because yanno it gets dark super early and so all we can do is walk around basked in the glow of warm lights)
Neon lights are everywhere at the moment, and the main area for this I can think of is Soho. So we took a wander around Soho and I shot away. Something new and different for me as I am so used to shooting in daylight, but this was shoot was so exciting and so much fun because it does present problems when you are the photographer

You do have to get the angles just right of your model, whilst also making the shots candid and not too forced or posed. You need a camera that can focus and cope with high ISO's, as well as a lens that can let a lot of light in. I was using my 50mm F1.4 at an aperture of about 2.8 for these shots and luckily my Canon EOS 6D can go to decent ISO's with no loss of image quality


  1. These are excellent photos. You did such great things.

  2. Neon lights do seem to be everywhere right now and I love these photos, the reflections off them look amazing x

  3. I love these images. I think you captured her essence and the photos just look so natural yet chic. x


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