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Monday, 20 February 2017

World Duty Free Stansted
When I travelled to Slovenia recently, I ended up going from Stansted airport rather than my usual and local Luton airport. Luton used to be a World Duty Free airport but it no longer is and has become an Aelia duty free which I still dislike and grumble about as I know about some secret perks you can get at World Duty Free (World Duty Free is at Stansted, Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Bristol and many many more so keep on reading to hear more about these perks for your next travel adventure!)

For example, did you know that if your World Duty Free has a Jo Malone section in it that you can get free and complimentary hand and arm massages?! You don't pay a penny and all you have to do is ask a staff member there! You can choose which oils they use as well as which body cream and fragrances they use. I asked for the Red Roses bath oil which they whisk up within warm water to cleanse your skin, I then had the Peony and Blush Suede body cream to go with the massage, and finally got spritzed with both their Red Roses cologne and the Peony and Blush Suede cologne to mix the two fragrances and make it more unique to me. I literally smelt like roses all day and right up until I showered 24 hours later. So yanno, goes to show that Jo Malone is definitely worth the price tag if I could still smell it on my skin 24 hours later
The hand and arm massage was just what I needed also to wake myself up and invigorate my skin. We were at the airport at 5am so it meant a 3.30am wake up call and I felt pretty grim, but this perked me up no end. Aromatherapy and massage is now what I want every day to wake me up
World Duty Free Stansted
We were being guided around World Duty Free by the lovely Ellan from the Concierge desk and she also brought us cocktails from the bar to enjoy with our hand and arm massages. It was a blend of vodka, gin, cranberry juice and apple juice and was refreshing, but still felt a bit like a breakfast juice with added naughtiness. As my bestie Danni says, it was past 11am somewhere in the world so alcohol is totally OK for us to be having at 5am

Second perk of World Duty Free airports. You can enjoy free drinks at the bar! This wasn't just for us. You can go up to the bar and enjoy free cocktails. If that doesn't put you in the holiday spirit I really don't know what will. Free cocktails always scream out VIP to me so I definitely started to feel like a part of the Kardashian clan getting treated before their next travel adventure
World Duty Free Stansted
The third and final perk I want to introduce you to is FREE MAKEOVERS. Yes that is right, free makeovers. They have so many beauty counters and each one can offer consultations or complete makeovers for absolutely free. Just what I needed as I had no makeup on due to my 3.30am wake up and being so blurry eyed in the AM that I just could not cope with makeup at that time

I was booked in at Urban Decay and Danni went for Bobbi Brown. But we could have gone to Chanel, Benefit, Lancome etc etc. The World Duty Free section was our beauty oyster. All you have to do is just talk to the member of staff on that particular beauty section

Danni went for a natural makeup look with a bit of a statement lip, whereas my Urban Decay look was all about the eyes that resembled a sunrise with yellow and orange tones. The best thing about this is it also allows you to try out products you have been wanting to for a while, as well as have flawless makeup for the day as it was applied by a professional
Since this makeover I have now bought pretty much everything Urban Decay that was used on my face. The foundation, the prep spray, the lash primer, the brow beater. Tried, tested, loved, bought. And obviously you can't forget about the discounts you get at World Duty Free seeing as you are doing tax free shopping. The best place to pick up your beauty bargains
World Duty Free Stansted

If you remember these perks for the next time you fly, I can guarantee it will make your whole trip so much better. You will enter your holiday feeling like a VIP and who doesn't love that kind of feeling? Not to mention you'll be entering your holiday with a face of makeup fiercer than a lion and that alone is truly worth it. I did not want to take my makeup off that night at all

You can also visit the Concierge desk which will be at any World Duty Free if you have any further questions. They are there to help you out!
Thank you World Duty Free!
VIP Treatment is complimentary and open to anyone, but my time at the airport was organised by the PR's with little extra perks that aren't mentioned in this post. All views and opinions are my own

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