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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Valentines isn't too far away now and I always love having a date night on Valentines. However what do you do if you don't fancy going out? You don't always have to go out out to celebrate V-Day and you can have a real lovely time inside as much as going outside to fancy restaurants

Even if it means Netflix & Chill is your perfect Valentines date night. Go for it. You do you! Here are just some of my ideas though for the perfect Valentines night in
EatFirst Valentines Menu
Press Image from EatFirst

If you are London based in zones 1-4, consider bringing the restaurant to the comfort of your own home by using EatFirst. EatFirst brings you meals that are cooked by London's best chefs, and then chilled for delivery to your house where you can reheat when the perfect candlelit dinner time is set. (You could also trick your bae into saying you cooked these amazing dishes)
Their Valentines menu is available from the 7th Feb until the 14th Feb and features some real Italian treats like Beef Meatball Tagliolini (£7.95) and Duck Ragu Papperdelle (£8.95). You can even get the wine paired with your dishes and delivered. Reasonable prices and exceptional quality. Just visit EatFirst or download the app to find out more!
Lekue ChocoFondue

For dessert or as a decadent treat with some wine/prosecco/GIN, why not consider your own chocolate fondue by using Lekue's ChocoFondue. Chocolate and strawberries is always considered romantic and decadent, and you can indulge yourselves by making your own fondue quickly and all in the microwave also. Simply fill up Lekue's ChocoFondue with water, put the red lid on top, fill the spaces with whichever chocolate you want, and then all you need to do is pop in the microwave for a few minutes. Really easy and simple. Give it a stir once taken out of the microwave and enjoy melted chocolate for over an hour. Surprise your bae with their favourite chocolate melted up and use fresh fruit, marshmallows, profiteroles, nuts, bread, or anything else you may want to dip in. I do love using fresh strawberries and marshmallows. FYI, melted Toblerone is the one. You can have that tip for free
Lekue ChocoFondue

Cuddle up together under a blanket and watch your perfect date night movie. Just because it is Valentines doesn't mean you have to watch rom coms (unless you are both into rom coms of course). Watch something new that will interest both of you. Keep your chocolate fondue hanging around for snack-age and you got the perfect little love nest in front of the TV. Me and Connor are currently watching a documentary on Netflix called "Locked Up", about people in jails/prisons in the US and we are obsessed. There is nothing better than us snuggling up and watching this programme together
Lush Bubble Bar

Lastly, for the most perfect romantic date night in, why not consider sharing a bubble bath before bed? I love baths and so does Connor. Even better is when you get Lush involved! Their valentines collection is amaze this year and this Lovestruck bubble bar is too cute not to gift and use. I love a good bath bomb also, but bubble bars last a lot longer and create that romantic bubble bath. Set some candles up safely and you have the perfect wind down after a top notch night in full of love for each other
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